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Student Coach: WakkerbijBakker

Wakker bij Bakker Student Coaching offers support and guidance in balancing daily student life with studying. The coaching offers you an open honest place to talk about your mental challenges. Motivation, anxiety, sadness, loneliness and perfectionism are examples of commonly known challenges for many students, dutch and international. Read our brochure for more information.

You might expect a language barrier or cultural differences, but we try to talk openly about it and aim to accept them for what they are. The site is not yet available in English, but we’re happy to offer you more information about the coaching in person. Our coaches can provide coaching in Dutch, English (all locations) and German (location in Groningen).

Don’t hesitate to help yourself move forward by challenging your challenges! Please use the contact form. The coaching is face2face, but could be arranged online​.

We offer sometimes in the year free workshops on fear of failure, stress or effective studying. Check out the data and time!

Corona toolkit! Help yourself during these difficult times:

Read our blogs about mental health tips, loneliness, love or openness during the Corona outbreak.


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