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Floor Verwijs

Floor Verwijs – President ESN Groningen Board 2019/2020

Hi guys! My name is Floor Verwijs (yes, I am aware that my name sounds a bit odd in English). I am 21 years old and I am the President of the Board of ESN Groningen 2019/2020. I just finished my Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Groningen, and now I am ready to devote all of my time to ESN! Five years ago, I did a high school year in the United States. It was an amazing year and I loved the international experience. I am looking forward to meeting lots of international students in Groningen this year!

Function description

As the President of ESN Groningen, I have a coordinating and supervising role. I am mainly responsible for leading the board, maintaining the overview and be up to date with all developments of ESN Groningen, and being the face of the organisation. This involves leading meetings within the board and externally with different stakeholders. Also, I provide support within the board where necessary and represent ESN Groningen to the universities, and on different national and international levels.

Within this function I focus among others on improving the organisation in the interest of the students. Therefore, I take the lead in developing the policy, and in constructing different evaluation reports.

Feel free to contact me, my email is