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Kenza Martin

Kenza Martin – Integration Coordinator ESN Groningen Board 2022/2023

Hey everyone! I am Kenza, the Integration Coordinator of the Executive Board of 2022/2023. I am 22 years old, and I recently finished my Master’s in Human Rights at the RUG. I am originally from France, and I did my Bachelor’s in Law in Versailles. In my free time, I love to get cosy with a nice book or bake some french crepes. Just like the others, I am excited to take a year off and work for ESN Groningen full-time to give incoming students the best experience. I hope to see many of you during our events!

Position description

The position of the Integration Coordinator is very different from the other positions. Where the other positions are more or less set in stone, my position comes with a lot more freedom for new ideas and projects. I am responsible for the ESN programmes, which include both Buddy Programmes, the Language Exchange Programme, and the Clubs Programme.

Next to this, my tasks include being in contact with many study and student associations, having meetings with external parties, supervising internal and external committees, organising various activities, and representing ESN Groningen on several platforms. For example, as the Integration Coordinator, I am involved in an event called Integration Night. In collaboration with other associations, we organise an activity where (international) students get the chance to experience a night ‘inside the student bubble’.  Furthermore, the ESN committees under my responsibility are the Buddy & Integration Committee and the International Dinner Committee.

You can reach me at the following email address: