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Lennart Stokman

Lennart Stokman – Treasurer ESN Groningen Board 2020/2021

Hello everyone! I am Lennart Stokman and I fulfill the position of Treasurer within the ESN Board. Before starting at ESN, I finished my bachelor in International Relations at the University of Groningen. During my studies, I went on exchange to Montpellier, France, where I discovered ESN. Besides traveling, my hobbies include playing sports, hanging out with friends and watching Formula 1. Despite all the COVID-19 measures put into place, I am incredibly excited to make all the international students feel right at home in our beloved Groningen.

Position description

As Treasurer, I am the sole responsible person for all financial management in ESN Groningen. This comes with a lot of responsibility, however, this also means you are involved in everything of ESN Groningen as money runs throughout the whole organisation. My tasks include budgeting, accounting, sending out & paying invoices, and facilitating ticket sales. COVID-19 has made this task more difficult as we have to take a lot of uncertainty into account when looking ahead. This has forced us to remain flexible and adapt quickly to ever-evolving guidelines and restrictions. Also long-term, COVID-19 brings challenges by constraining mobility programs throughout Europe that, in turn, decrease the amount of international students within the Netherlands. All in all, plenty of stuff to dig my teeth into!

Notwithstanding, the position of Treasurer is not limited to solely financial management. I have the most awesome committees to supervise, namely the Excursion and the Active Member committees! Furthermore, I am the contact person of various external partners, which teaches you to communicate and bargain on a professional level. However, next to all above-mentioned tasks, you do a lot together with the entire board, as we work as a collective.

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