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Roelof Admiraal

Hey guys! I am Roelof Admiraal, 21 years old and I am the External Relations Coordinator of the 31st ESN Groningen board this year. I am born and raised in the picturesque village of Bedum, just 10 kilometres north of the beautiful city of Groningen, actually I am born in the living room of the house where my parents are still living. I completed my high school education in Groningen at the Kamerlingh Onnes College after which I went a year abroad to South America. I travelled to 10 countries in about 9 months, whereof I worked 2 months at a Spanish School and Hostel in Panama. After I came back I started with my bachelor International Relations and International Organizations at the RUG. During my bachelor, I experienced the international community in Groningen and actually, my group of close friends includes 6 different nationalities. So that’s how I more or less ended up in the ESN Board for 2018/2019, where I hope to make sure that every international student feels at home in Groningen.

Why the ESN Board?
During my year abroad, I felt so at home in South America, I met lots of people with all different nationalities and I made friends for life. After I came back to Groningen I decided to stay within this international community by studying International Relations and International Organisations. With joining the board of ESN Groningen I want to help as many internationals in Groningen as possible.

Function description
As the External Relations Coordinator, you are responsible for the contact with commercial partners, NGOs and student organisations. It allows you to be the professional face of ESN Groningen and explore potential partnerships and collaborations with local but also national and international companies and organisations that could benefit the network. If an external party is interested in collaborating with ESN Groningen, you will plan an appointment and asses the possibilities of a successful partnership or event. This function is very flexible, you have a lot of freedom to pursue new ideas and extend the number of partnerships. Next to that, you are responsible for all theme parties and weekly Student Nights organised by ESN. Furthermore, you will also supervise tow committees, namely the Network Committee and the Party & Pub Quiz Committee. Lastly, you are main responsible for almost all of the parties in the introduction week, the ESN weekly Student Nights and the theme parties in Club Kokomo.