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Ruben Rosen Jacobson

My name is Ruben Rosen Jacobson and I am the PR Coordinator of the Board of ESN Groningen 2018/2019. With 25 years old, I am the oldest member of this year’s Board – but only on paper. I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, but I have a Dutch background and nationality. I moved to Groningen when I was 18 to do my bachelor’s in Marine Biology, and I am currently in the middle of a master’s in Science Communication and Education. I have always loved going abroad: I spent my gap year in Spain and Ecuador, and I did a semester abroad in Finland. My biggest passion is without a doubt snowboarding, but since mountains are more than rare in the Netherlands, I spend a lot of time here kitesurfing and wakeboarding.

Why the ESN Board?

With my international background, I have always had an affinity for languages, going abroad and meeting people from different countries. In my time in Groningen I discovered what an amazing organization ESN Groningen is, in the opportunities it offers to both its active members and to (international) students. I got more involved in ESN because I wanted to make international students feel at home and show them all the amazing  things that the Netherlands and the Groningen student life have to offer. Being part of the ESN Board gives me the unique chance to fully immerse myself in Groningen’s international environment, while actively contributing to it on a daily basis and building its future. It’s an amazing experience that allows me to positively influence the experience of thousands of students, while actively developing my own skills.

Function description

As the PR Coordinator, I am responsible mainly for how ESN is communicated towards the public. This includes ESN Groningen’s visibility and recognisability, and the promotion of our events and programs. This means that a lot of my tasks are carried out on social media and involve designing, although I have my amazing PR & Graphics committee to support me in this wherever necessary. Another big part of my function is the recruitment of new active members, including Introduction Guides, committee members, and of course new Board members.

My function allows me to get creative in choosing the way that ESN is promoted, and the channels that we use. At the same time, it is a very challenging function, as it is up to me to try to reach as many people in the Groningen student body as possible.

As the PR Coordinator, I am also in charge of the PR & Graphics committee and the Culture committee.

I you would like to find out more about the being the PR Coordinator of ESN Groningen, then please do not hesitate to send an email to I am also happy to meet up to talk about this function more in depth and answer your questions over a nice cup of coffee.