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Wytske de Jong

Wytske de Jong – Secretary ESN Groningen Board 2021/2022

Hi everyone! My name is Wytske de Jong and I am the Secretary of the Executive Board of ESN Groningen 2021/2022. I am 22 years old and I recently finished the bachelor programme International Relations and International Organization at the University of Groningen. For my studies, I went on exchange to Kraków, Poland, for one semester. I had an amazing time there and loved the international experience, next to discovering a country that was completely new to me!  Besides travelling, I love trying out new types of foods and drinks, playing volleyball and trying to become better at photography.

After my own experience abroad, I am very excited to give all new international students in Groningen the best possible time here. I am really looking forward to this year and hope to see many of you during our events!

Position description

The Secretary position has many clear tasks. For example, I am the main contact person for questions from international students and I am responsible for the minutes during meetings. Next to that, I make the weekly newsletter, and I send out emails and invitations to keep everyone up to date. Furthermore, I am responsible for the privacy policy of ESN and I work together with the educational institutes and the municipality on the housing issues in Groningen. I am also the board responsible for two awesome committees: the Sports Committee and the SocialErasmus Committee!

Another thing the board is responsible for is the organization of the Introduction Week. I am responsible for recruiting all the Introduction Guides who make this week a great success. Next to that, I am the organizer of the legendary Pub Crawl at the start of the Introduction Week.

I am looking forward to working together with my five other board members and making this an amazing year!

Feel free to send me an email when you have any questions: