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Yulian Karadzhov

Yulian Karadzhov – Public Relations Coordinator ESN Groningen Board 2022/2023

Hey everyone! My name is Yulian and I am the Public Relations Coordinator of the Board of ESN Groningen 2022/2023. I am 20 years old, born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a Bachelor’s student in Media Studies at the RUG. My experience with media is both academic and practical – I have worked as a photographer and content developer in the past, and I have developed multiple podcasts and advertising strategies for them, as well as hosted my own show for over two years. 

As an international myself, I know that it could be difficult to integrate well within the rich Dutch (student) culture. Much like the rest of the Board, I decided to work full-time for ESN Groningen and help students – not only international but also Dutch – to feel at home in Groningen. Besides ESN, I love skiing, hiking, and climbing.

Position description

As the PR Coordinator, I am responsible for how ESN is communicated to the public. This includes ESN Groningen’s visibility and recognisability, and the promotion of our events and programmes. This means that a lot of my tasks are carried out across different media and involve graphic design, although I have my amazing PR & Graphics committee to support me in this wherever necessary. Another big part of my position is the recruitment of new Active Members, Introduction Guides, and Board members. I am also in charge of the Culture Committee, which organises one of our biggest events biannually – the Live Music Night.

My position allows me to get creative in choosing the way that ESN is promoted, and the channels that we use. At the same time, it is a very challenging position, as it is up to me to try to reach as many people in the Groningen student body as possible.

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