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Active Members Committee

The Active Members committee of ESN Groningen is the main connection point for all committee members in ESN. The committee is responsible for the bonding between all other committees and organise some creative team building experiences for all the Active members in ESN. Among this are two active member weekends, one in the first and one in the second semester. A Christmas dinner, where ESN Shows its fancy side and many more fun activities. Next to this, the Active members committee is responsible for a competition between all other committees which results in weekly committee challenges. You could say that the Active Members Committee is the breathing heart of the organisation.

Active Members Committee 2022/2023

  • Arisha Frolova – President
  • Viviane Pepas – Secretary
  • Marlon Alexander – Treasurer
  • Stavros Kehayias – PR
  • Sofia Coelho – Activity coordinator
  • Elkjar Dost – Evaluator