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Buddy & Integration Committee

Hello, we are the Buddy and Integration Committee! A committee that is responsible for the buddy program, so everyone that comes has someone to ask questions to, hang out with or even become best friends. We are also responsible of organizing many fun integrative activities throughout the year. These are open for all ESN members. We encourage everyone to join our activities as its is a fun way to meet new people and have some fun.

Our committee consists of the following members:

  • Marije – The President, she leads the meetings and keeps the committee under control. Our boss lady speaks Dutch, English, German and sarcasm fluently. Very clumsy, but at least we can have a good laugh about it!
  • Juan(ito) – The Secretary, he is in charge of keeping us efficient and well-organised (which is quite a challenge (; ) He studies International Relations and also speaks Spanish.
  • Eirini – The Treasurer, she is in charge of the budget, so basically the only one that actually knows where the money goes. She likes to pretend to be international because she is half-Greek, but she is just plain Dutch / not actually a student anymore, but a real workaholic!!
  • Esra – The Evaluation Coordinator, she ensures that your feedback about our past events is taken into account to make every new event even more awesome than the last one! She is half-Turkish and born and raised in Groningen, so she knows how to find the awesome spots.
  • Greta – The Activity Coordinator, she is responsible for coordinating all of our events. Just like all the other Germans, she studies psychology (obviously). Besides, she spent a year doing volunteer work in Israel before coming to Groningen.
  • Jack – The PR Coordinator, he makes sure that you all get to know about our great events. He is Irish, but secretly Dutch  (‘’a weird mixture’’ – according to an anonymous source). He is not always on time, but always in for a laugh!