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Buddy & Integration Committee


Hello, we are the Buddy and Integration Committee!

The three most important things that you need to know about us are that we are enthusiastic synchronized swimmers, we have perfected the star position, and we love to fantasise about nachos (someday we might eat them!).

We are responsible for matching international students with buddies who live in Groningen. We make sure everyone has a friend and is not a #loner. We also organize activities to facilitate integration into Dutch culture. At our events people can make friends that last a lifetime (so cute <3). We have many activities during the schoolyear, like Crazy-88, pubquizzes and beercantuses. These are open for all ESN members. We encourage our buddies & internationals to join too since all the activities are very exciting and fun!

There are six of us on the BIC. Our noble leader is Felicia. As president she attempts to keep us on track at meetings and assigns us different jobs to do. She is passionate, caring, and can rock a pair of leopard print pants better than anyone we know. The demure Demi is our secretary. She brings a serene, peaceful vibe to our meetings…at least until a bird appears. Our resident ornithophobe, please don’t mention birds in her presence. Our treasurer’s name is Elkjar. He is a bit of a goofball and super enthusiastic about everything we do. Theresa is our activity coordinator. The creative fake Dutchie coordinates all of our events. Aoife is our PR coordinator. Small, witty and Irish she does not like when people touch her belly button. Finally, our evaluation coordinator is Philip. Our rookie committee member is is homeless but prefers to think of himself as a bit of a nomad.

So if you see us in a star, you know who we are!