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Excursion Committee

Drum roll….

We’re the excursion committee of ESN Groningen, nice to meet you!
Our responsibility is organizing day and weekend excursions in the Netherlands and other countries. This way, you can make friends for life, discover other cultures and travel!

Now I hear you thinking, how do you guys do this?

Every week we have a meeting to discuss what our next destination will be and how we will organize it. When we decide where to go (sometimes it takes a while, haha) Lars, the treasurer, makes a budget for the coming excursion. Eirini (the big boss/president) arranges the buses and makes sure everybody does their job correctly. Demi (PR) creates a promotional text for the Facebook page, to make sure everyone feels excited to join the trip. Nicole, the secretary, makes sure that our meetings are structured and she makes notes. Our ‘aussie’ Caitlin makes sure all the other tasks get arranged.
After the excursion, Yaël is the one who evaluates and analyses the opinions of the participants by sending them an evaluation form! This way, we know what we can improve for the next trip. Sometimes it’s a lot of work, but it’s always super fun and totally worth it!

Not only are we part of the excursion committee, we all study at the RUG or Hanze and we even have hobbies! J
Our lovely president Eirini just started her HRM pre-master and is a professional procrastibaker who spends her free time looking at cute doggo pictures. Catch her in Poelestraat at 6 am, but only LIITS (Long Island Ice Teas) will do when you buy her a drink.
Our PR-girl Demi is studying, how original, International Business. Her hobbies are failing on her thesis, watching seal-videos on Youtube and she works as an online marketer.
Our evaluator-chick Yaël is also studying International Business and she likes to draw and play the piano.
Nicole is doing a pre-master Marketing at the moment and loves to bake, travel and play badminton. Lars is studying clinical psychology and likes to play football, loves going out and he even models on our excursion trips.
Caitlin her hobbies are crying during movies and she makes the best bad jokes ever, you can always ask her because she is always up for it. Besides that, she studies Arts, Culture and Media.

Want to know more about the excursion committee or about us? We would love to talk to you! Join us for drinks at a party, we are always up for it.