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Excursion Committee

The Excursion Committee aims to make dreams come true to visit diverse locations throughout Europe while meeting the most distinct internationals. Throughout the whole year, we are in charge of organizing weekend- and day excursions for international students and work hard on every detail to make it a success. Whether its one of our Dutch gems like Giethoorn and Ameland or an international city like Luxembourg or Malmö: we wish to create unforgettable memories.

They say that traveling is making memories all over the world. Do you love adventure, meeting new people and an escape from your everyday life then join us in one of your weekend or day trips which are organized all over the year! We make travel easy, fun and sociable by working hard on every detail to provide you with an awesome experience!

We think travel is more than just the destination. To us, it’s an experience and we guarantee to leave you with some unforgettable stories. Join us solo or as a group and we will connect you with fellow adventure-seeking students to share your wanderlust with.

We take care of organizing all the logistics, all you have to do is to pack your bags, meet us at the departure point, and get started on your discovery of Europe.

Let us introduce you to our passionate explorers: 

  • Janna is the tall German President of our beautiful committee who is the essential glue that holds this group together. She is a happy bird that motivates us to do our best in planning our excursions. Janna is hands down the most chill leader we could have ever asked for and makes our meetings super fun.
  • Eva is our secretary aka our sweet caring mum who makes all of us feel comfortable. She is the one behind the administrative work who makes sure everything is organized and everyone is well informed. Eva always has a joke up her sleeve to cheer us up and is THE most understanding person in the world. To top it up she is the best chef in town.
  • Adelina coordinates the details of our excursions so everything runs smoothly. She is an Enthusiastic planner who makes our excursions extra fun. Adelina is just as committed to her tasks as she is to her studies and is always a source of creative and aesthetically pleasing ideas.
  • Rosanna is our Evaluation coordinator aka our personal cheerleader who is always in a good mood. She spreads joy through her energetic and positive mindset and strives to make every excursion a little bit better than the last one. Rosanna has some of the cutest and funniest jokes which are complemented by her super kind nature. Fun fact: She can draw a car blindfolded.
  • Next is Kinga, our own mathematical mastermind. As a treasurer, she reminds us to not spend all our money on food and drinks. We are very lucky to have her since we would be broke by Christmas without her expertise. Oh, and did we tell you she does the best Ariana Grande impression.
  • Finally, we have Shrey as our PR coordinator who tries to capture all the fun in just one photo. He always has a positive attitude, which is contagious and is the best salesman for advertising our great excursions. He can easily solve any problem that arises, but time remains his eternal enemy.

We’re always happy to have a chat, we’re open for any ideas for possible excursions, and of course, we hope to see you at one of our upcoming events! 

Your Excursion Committee 20/21