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International Dinner Committee

The International Dinner Committee is in charge of organizing “fun” and “gezellige” dinners every three weeks. We are an all-giggly group of girls, who always have a laugh together. We love planning activities as a committee (like having a Disney movie night!!!!), but so far, nothing has gone through. Our activities are, though! The dinners this year are obviously different, since they are both online and offline. The goal of these dinners is for international students to showcase and celebrate the food, culture, and vibe of their home country. Participants can enjoy traditional meals and experience a different culture’s culinary traditions – and this year, let us introduce online cooking events, where you can put your own skills to the test!

Our committee 2020-2021 consists of:

Mingke Schilstra as President
Our chic, Dutch president pretends that she’s very strict, but in secret, she’s very democratic. Her task is to lead the committee and to keep us under control. Mostly, she just bursts out laughing about all the weird stuff we say and do. She would make a great Board Member for next year, if she wakes up in time for the deadline…

Annika Trappe as Secretary
Annika must be the best secretary ever. For one, her minutes and evaluations are always on point, but furthermore, she is always positive and smiling. Maybe her attitude stems from her time in Australia, which also led to a great accent! Whenever we are wondering somethingabout the human psyche, she will not tell us if we’re crazy <3

Iris Sauermann as Treasurer
Iris was the last person to join our committee and the fit could not have been better. She complements us with her great organising skills, which is perfect for both figuring out what the * we have in the cupboard and by keeping track of our €€€. Sadly, we have not yet experienced her cooking skills as her house was struck by lightning and never fixed. Hopefully we can meet up at her place in the future!

Marita Bråten as PR Coordinator.
Marita is our PR Coordinator, so say cheese! She’s the one holding the camera ;). Her task is to make sure everyone wants to come to our amazing dinners, by doing the socials. Marita is the only one that has been in several ESN committees, she’s a real insider. Fun fact: our Disney lover keeps two phones with her at all times, to collect the double amount of Disney cards in the game.

FEMKE, WE LOVE YOU <3 (Love from your cheerleaders)

Kind regards,
International Dinner Committee 20/21