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International Dinner Committee

Mark- He is the secretary of the committee, he us in charge of taking the minutes during our
meeting. The 3 words to describe him are workaholic , ESN is life and optimistic

Svenja is the treasurer of the committee, her role is being in charge of the budget. Here are 2
sentences to describe her – psychology brings all the boys to the yard, there is more to her than you

June is the activities coordinator, her role within the committee is planning fun activities during the
international dinners, she is also in charge of evaluating the dinners . Here are 3 sentences to
describe her the committee mama, get your rice right is her life moto, you will gain weight being
near her, she will always feed you.

Phoebe is the president of the International dinner committee , but if you think she looks familiar,
then you probably have seen her at the ESN parties. Here are 3 sentences that describe her- most
reliable source for internal knowledge, not afraid to throw shade. She Will get you drunk but will
rescue you with a coffee the next morning.

Julia- is the PR coordinator of this committee, she is in charge of the promotion of the dinners. Here
are 3 sentences to describe her- works out all day everyday even when bringing you food. Knows
how to throw a good house party, takes academia SERIOUSLY.