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International Dinner Committee


The International Dinner Committee is in charge of organizing “fun” and “gezellige” dinners every three weeks. These dinners include amazing events; from Running Dinners to summer BBQs. The goal of these dinners is for international students to showcase and celebrate the food, culture, and vibe of their home country. Participants can enjoy traditional meals and experience a different culture’s culinary traditions – with fun tidbits of trivia scattered all throughout the evening!

Our committee consists of:

Dennis – The President of the International Dinner Committee. He’s a well-seasoned member of the committee, having survived a bunch of dinners last year. Dennis is a very outgoing guy – he’s always down to hosts drinks and is surprisingly, very stylish.

David – The Secretary of the committee, he is in charge of keeping us well organized and efficient. You can always find him boosting the group morale by the way of improvised dancing, drinks or -kinda- funny jokes.

Maite – The PR coordinator, she oversees the promotion for the dinners, ranging from the announcements on the website to the Instagram stories.  Maite is easy to spot as she’s very short and very loud – always promoting her Instagram handle. Keep an eye out for her in the ESN Weeklys!

Radost – The Activities Coordinator, her tasks include planning fun activities for during the dinners and evaluating them afterwards. She is extremely talented and has a gift for the arts such as – photography, music, painting, makeup and embroidery.

Oliver – The Treasurer of the committee, lowkey the most important member because he’s in charge of the budget. He’s a surprisingly good dancer (after a few drinks). Also, did we mention he’s German?