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Network Committee


The Network Committee is one of the newest committees of the ESN Groningen. The focus of our events differs from the events of other committees. Our events are of course also a lot of fun, however, we also provide you with opportunities to connect with important companies and improve your networking skills. We organize events that are related to your future career and increase your chances of getting internships and jobs. Through our events, you get the chance to improve your presentation, interview, and network skills. We cooperate with important companies in the Netherlands and give you the chance to connect with them.

For internationals, it is often difficult to find a job in the Netherlands. Are you wondering why this is the case and how you can change it? Answering these questions is the job of the Network Committee. We are in charge of organising the career-related events of ESN. These include professional workshops, networking events and presentations by companies. Our aim is to introduce international students to the Dutch job market and provide them with the skills they need to succeed in it. So, get ready to boost your CV and get to know some potential employers! Besides the professionality, we all love to meet for some beers after the events and meetings, though.

Our committee consists of five enthusiastic members:

  • Lea is our president from Germany. She studies International Relations and International Law which makes her perfect to lead an international committee. With her organizational skills, you can be sure that every event is a success, next to that she is a very fun person to be with and share a good time.
  • Vaamika is our Activity Coordinator from India. She studies International Business and is full of ideas. With her on the team, you can never be certain that your event is completely planned because she probably still has an idea last minute. And if you really want to win her over, give her alcohol.
  •  Soumaya is our Evaluator. Although she is currently stuck in Morocco, she is a valuable part of the committee. Soumaya is in her last year of International Business and she is always in for a good talk. We are all very much looking forward to meet her in person.
  • Jelle is our Treasurer. He is also studying International Business but in his master´s. Since he was part of the Party and Pubquiz Committee last year, he has a lot of ESN experience and drinking resilience. He´s also the only Dutch person in the Committee. We are all very happy that, because of him, we can just spend money without having to deal with the consequences.
  • Jana is our Public Relations Manager from Germany. She shows her nationality in her reliability and good work, but she is actually too funny and communicative to be stereotypically German. We thank her for all the good promotion of our events. And do not argue with her, she has very good negotiation skills.

So, if you want to learn some new skills and meet some interesting people besides all the partying, join one of our events!

The Network Committee