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Network Committee


The Network Committee is one of the newest committees of the ESN Groningen. The focus of our events differs from the events of other committees. Our events are of course also a lot of fun, however, we also provide you with opportunities to connect with important companies and improve your networking skills. We organize events that are related to your future career and increase your chances of getting internships and jobs. Through our events, you get the chance to improve your presentation, interview, and network skills. We cooperate with important companies in the Netherlands and give you the chance to connect with them.

Especially for international students, our events create the perfect opportunity to get to know the various companies located in the Netherlands. As internationals, it is often harder to find a job in the Netherlands and specifically in Groningen. The Dutch way of interviewing people for jobs and internships be different from the way career-related things are handled in your home country. Therefore, we provide you with information about how to contact Dutch companies and how to increase your chances of getting a job

 The Network Committee 19/20 consists of 6 members: Hielke, Nirva, Ankit, Judy, Jeremy and Katrin. 

  • Hielke is the president of our committee. He is from the Netherlands, obsesses with TV shows and movies. He is now doing his masters in Strategic Innovation Management. He went on Erasmus in Greece and loved it so much he decided to join ESN for himself after his gap year in which he travelled through Oceania and Asia.
  • Nirva is our secretary, she is Mozambican and currently in her second year of chemical engineering. She gets the job done and motivates her team members. She really enjoys the sun, the sunny days in the Netherlands are the best days for her. Coming from an international background, and being multilingual ESN became the best fit for her.
  • Ankit, our evaluator, is a Master student in Computer Science and originally from India. He is an ever-optimistic guy who likes to plan all of his 24 hours a day and be super productive but fails almost all time. He is a life- long Arsenal fan which explains the optimism. Fun fact: He doesn’t handle alcohol very well.
  • Judy is our activity coordinator. She is both German and Dutch and is studying international Communication at the Hanze in her fourth year. She lived in several places, and thus is happy to back in het gezellige Groningen but still be part of an international committee.
  • Jeremy is our PR-manager he is a master student in IB&M and grew up in the province of Groningen and will be held accountable for the turnout of our events. Lucky for us, he is very creative and thinks outside the box. Fun fact: he can touch his head with his foot without using his hands.
  • Finally, our treasurer Katrin. She is in her third year of the Bachelor in Phycology, and originally German. However, she calls Switzerland her home, next to Groningen, which might be of advantage considering her position in the committee.