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PR & Graphics Committee


The main goal of the PR & Graphics committee is to raise awareness of ESN Groningen to both international and Dutch students living in Groningen. Our committee does this by creating promotional material, monitoring social media, and representing ESN Groningen at events. The committee oversees and organizes activities that boosts the promotion of ESN Groningen. In addition to this, we are in charge of the social media, weekly ESN blogs, and the ESN Magazine!


The PR & Graphics Committee 2019/2020 consists of 7 members: Martijn, Hanna, Mohammed, Sandra, Marie, Janis, and Lena.

  • Martijn is our President and Secretary. He’s a busy student, devoted to make the best of his student life. Fun fact: he has never seen ANY Harry Potter movie!
  • Hanna is our Magazine Editor. She’s a third-year student of European Languages and Cultures. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors and most likely documenting every moment with her camera.
  • Mohammed is Social Media Manager. He is a medicine student who enjoys long walks around the city (Groningen’s weather is not helping!). Fun fact: everybody is in love with his cat!
  • Sandra is our Online Editor. She’s a design student that loves hanging out with people and cook together. Fun fact: cleaning gives her the best feeling ever, so she cleans wayyy too often!
  • Marie is our Social Media Manager. She’s a 4th year International Communication student who is an absolute horse girl. Fun fact: she hasn’t stayed in one place for longer than 5 weeks for the last 1.5 years due to travelling so much!
  • Janis is our Online Journalist. He’s a prodigal student who came from a big forest in a small country, quick to throw out questions and entertain his friends. Fun fact: he sold his soul to a webcomic in 2016 and hasn’t looked back ever since.
  • Lena is our Magazine Journalist. She studies psychology, does not understand why foam on Dutch beers is so essential, and loves cats.

Hope to hear from you via our socials!

Kind regards,

PR & Graphics Committee 2019/2020