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PR & Graphics Committee


The main goal of the PR & Graphics committee is to raise awareness of ESN Groningen to both international and Dutch students living in Groningen. Our committee does this by creating promotional material, monitoring social media, and by representing ESN Groningen at events. The committee oversees and organizes activities that boost the promotion of ESN Groningen. In addition to this, we are in charge of the social media, weekly ESN blogs, and the ESN Magazine!

The PR & Graphics Committee 2021/2022 consists of eight enthusiastic members:

  • Linda Zeitz – President
  • Tobias Brendel – Online Editor
  • Elli Winetsdorfer-Schau – Online Journalist
  • Fabienne Brickwedde – Magazine Journalist
  • Emma Leeflang – Magazine Editor
  • Luna van den Berg – Social Media Manager
  • Dunye Wessels – Social Media Manager
  • Yulian Karadzhov – Podcast Manager