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PR & Graphics Committee

If ESN were a movie, PR& Graphics Committee would be the backstage.

As the PR& Graphics Committee of the ESN, we are in charge of the social media, weekly ESN Blogs,informational fairs and the ESN Magazine! Every week we meet up and discuss about these to make you a better and creative content – besides our socials. We basically see each other twice a week.

So who are we? Lets begin to introduce ourselves.

Vivian, Miss President, a perfect A+ student, who is Malaysian and used to live in Switzerland. She knows a lot of languages all in a speaking level. Oh, and she calls all people “human”.

Liza, our Secretary, who considers herself as a total Eastern European girl, who loves to drink. She is a very fun, adventurous, and has a lovely heart. She loves voluntery work and helping people.

George, our Social Media Manager, one and only guy in our committee, a total British person. Most of the time he gets relationship advice from the girls in the committee, yet he does what he wants in the first place, like he never asked the girls opinion.

Ece, our Fair Coordinator, who is from Istanbul, Turkey, also the youngest member of our committee. We could say that she is one of the party girls inside the committee. You can find her with Dessy at Kokomo or Kiwi, waiting for their drinks -Long Island most of the time- at the bar. Also she is a shopping addict.

Elena, our Blog Journalist, a great cook, successful Law student, a natural ESN Weekly presenter and has the best voice inside the committee. If our committee was High School Musical, she would be Gabriella and 6 other members would be Troy, all together.

Dessy, not Daisy (she hates it when people call her that.), our pretty Magazine editor, talented Graphic Design student, who’s Ece’s party buddy. Yet she also loves slumber parties as well. Oh, and a little bit of overthinker.

Ayla, our Magazine journalist, although she is a German psychology student, she is definitely not ordinary. She is a lovely person, who loves going to the ESN Pub Quizes. Also if we are taking a committee selfie, she is the one who takes the picture, thats a fact.

Lots of love,
Your PR& Graphics Committee