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SocialErasmus Committee

In addition to the fun activities organized by the other ESN committees, the SocialErasmus Committee offers a different set of events. Undoubtedly, the events organized by SocialErasmus are equally fun, however, these events offer international students the opportunity to give something back to the community of Groningen.

The SocialErasmus Committee provides this opportunity through organizing events based on volunteering as well as raising awareness. The committee focuses on the following eight pillars when organizing events: animals, disasters, discrimination, education, environment, health, poverty, and violence.
The role international students play in these events varies: from organizing a clothing swap, a bake sale for charity, or hosting a homeless dinner.

An essential part of the SocialErasmus Committee is the Erasmus in Schools. Every year, at the beginning of the first semester, ‘kinderboekenweek’ takes place nationally in which children from elementary schools are encouraged to read more books. International students get to present their countries in various ways, such as playing international games or telling a story. We also organize events with high schools in which international students get the opportunity to give a presentation about their culture of their home country. This way Dutch children get in touch with international students and therefore different cultures, and international students will get to better know  Dutch culture.


The members of the SocialErasmus Committee 18/19 (from left to right on the picture) are: Amy, Tamara, Chiara, Isabelle, Ina and Jamie. Let’s introduce ourselves!

Amy from New Zealand: I study at the University College: I am in the first year but plan on majoring in management with a minor in cultural studies. I like to dance and you can usually find me at Zumba or Labocca classes.

Tamara from the Netherlands: I just started my master’s degree in American studies. Besides that, I write for the and play violin in the Student Orchestra Mira. I like to meet people from all over the world, which is why I joined ESN.

Chiara from Germany: I’m a ssecond-year international business student and in my free time I enjoy doing sports, taking long strolls through the Noorderplantsoen and watching Friends.

Isabelle from the Netherlands: I’m studying Biomedical Sciences and Behavioral & Neurosciences, I’m in my fourth year and I like singing and photography.

Ina from France: I’m an exchange student studying English Literature and Civilization. I’m in my third year and I like drawing and playing volleyball.

Jamie from Germany: I’m studying International Business and Languages. I’m in my third year and I like improv comedy. You can usually find me at the Monday night improv jams.

If you have any questions about the SocialErasmus Committee or have ideas yourself about ways to give something back to the community of Groningen, do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address or through Facebook:

The SocialErasmus Committee ’18/’19