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Sports Committee

As a sports committee, we’re responsible for all the exciting and active events from ESN! From paddleboarding to paintballing, we come up with new ideas to help students integrate into the city and meet new friends whilst burning some calories! We organize seven events throughout the year varying indoor and outdoor (depending on the season) while cooperating sometimes with big sports clubs/arenas in Groningen to make it happen.  As a young committee of six, we meet together at least once a week, to talk, think of new and fun ideas for the upcoming events and reflect on the ones just past. We’re a very active committee, regularly attending Kokomo parties and student nights which helps us get to know everyone in ESN!

Let us introduce you to our energetic party of six!

  • As president, its final year media-student, Ralitza’s job to oversee everything that goes on within the committee. From creating the agenda to organizing meeting days or communicating with the board, she is our brain!
  • Next is your Irish secretary, Helen. Her laptop is never far from her as it’s a secretary’s job to take all the minutes during the meeting, informing all the participants about the events they have signed up for and of course keeping an eye on the emails.
  • As one of three Dutchies in the committee, Iris is our treasurer. Not only does she have to make a budget for all our events and keep all the receipts, but also to put her foot down and tell us exactly how much we can spend during each activity.
  • The finder of all our event locations is Marije. As one of our sportiest committee members, she began as a participant at one of the sports events! Being the activity coordinator, its Marijes job to call all the third parties we run our events with, and introduce the activities to the participants.
  • The cameraman at all our events is our youngest member Lukasz. As PR manager, his job is to take pictures at every event and sort through them afterward. These then get posted on Facebook for everyone to save. Another main responsibility is to take care of the camera, especially to make sure it’s charged before events.
  • Last but not least, the person who receives all the (great) feedback about the event, is easy-going Juan. As the evaluator, Juan is the creator of all evaluation forms at the end of every participant’s email and it’s his responsibility to find ways to get them signed. He then writes a report of these results to show us at the next meeting.


This is a very friendly and energetic sports committee! We hope to see you at our next events throughout the year!