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Sports Committee

As a sports committee, we’re responsible for all the exciting and active events from ESN! From paddleboarding to paintballing, we come up with new ideas to help students integrate into the city and meet new friends whilst burning some calories! We organize seven events throughout the year varying indoor and outdoor (depending on the season) while cooperating sometimes with big sports clubs/arenas in Groningen to make it happen.  As a young committee of six, we meet together at least once a week, to talk, think of new and fun ideas for the upcoming events and reflect on the ones just past. We’re a very active committee, regularly attending events which helps us get to know everyone in ESN!

Let us introduce you to our energetic party of six!

  • Mick is the president, he studies Econometrics and Philosophy. Mick is a positive thinker who misses dancing in Copas.
  • Demi is the secretary, she studies Marketing. Demis is a a hard-working christmas-lover who loves ‘gezelligheid’
  • Elkjar is the treasurer, he studies Economics & Business economics. Elkjar is the “Only Dutch person I know that loves Germans and eats pizza for breakfast”
  • Tomas is the Evaluation Coordinator, he studies International and European Law. Tomas is a sports enthusiast and mountain lover.
  • Radost is PR Coordinator, she studies European Languages and Cultures. She is an artist, a dancer and a musician and the one who knows the least about sports here.
  • Ahmed is Activity Coordinator, he studies Medicine. His idea of fun is drinking coffee while listening to deathmetal.

This is a very friendly and energetic sports committee! We hope to see you at our next events throughout the year!