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Sports Committee

We, the ESN sports committee, organizes the most fun & action-oriented events throughout the year. Starting from stand-up paddling, indoor skiing to running the 4-mijl van Groningen. These events are aimed for international students from all around the world who found their way to this small but vibrant student city: Groningen.

You may assume that a sports committee member you need to be extremely sporty but let me tell you, that in our committee social meetings are even more important.

We regularly join the ESN pub quizzes and of course the legendary Kokomo parties (which are more than recommended to join!). Next, to that and our regular events, we also have our week at a committee member’s house.


Let’s begin with the person for the evaluations: Lars. Lars approximately losses his phone twice a week which is not very beneficial when you want to pick him up to go to our event. Fortunately, he still always makes it to our meetings & events even though he shows up a ‘little’ later because he just woke up from his last night out. Next to sleeping & partying he always finds time to create the evaluations and assess every opinion of our participants to increase the satisfaction of our future events even more.


This satisfaction can also be achieved by a good structure of our regular meeting. This structure is brought in by our Committee president Franzi. She always plans the framework of the meetings and stays up-to-date about what has to be done. This organization becomes not only clear with ESN but also during her daily life because she accurately needs to plan her weekly running schedule to achieve further marathons.


Our second most sporty person is Maarten. Next, to playing Lacrosse at the Gladiators Groningen he devotes much of his time in many different committees (of course the ESN sports committee is his favorite!). In the sports committee, he has the position as the treasurer but he not only deals with numbers in our team but he also is a genius in remembering them (Or can you tell the 15 decimal numbers of pi?)


Also, Aukje, our secretary, is good at remembering unnecessary information which helps us to get important points at the pub quiz. Even when the rest of the team already gave up any hope Aukje still sparkles hope that we have the chance to win. Next, to that, she is a very social and talkative person who always keeps the group together. However, this is not the only task she does. She also takes notes at our meetings and sends out important information to the participants before every event.


For the events to take place we have our event coordinator, Martin. After we decided which event will take place he organizes the location & plans how to get there. However, this is not the only part he coordinates. As he is the biggest connection to other committee members he sets up many social meeting with other committees so we always stay in touch. Sometimes those committee members accidentally confuse him with Maarten he is the complete opposite.


Last but not least, our PR coordinator, Vicky. She is in charge of writing the post for facebook events & taking pictures when she did not accidentally forget to pick up the camera because she is always too busy with her studies. Next, to that, she has two secret skills: firstly, in playing Laser tag which led the ESN team to their deserved victory but she is also an excellent cook and sets the standards for our weekly meeting very high.