Culture day & Workshops

UPDATED // 31-01-2022

During the culture day, you will be able to experience various cultural and creative activities in a wide variety of fun workshops and (guided) tours with your group! You can pick a track with three different workshops and join local organisations and institutions at locations throughout the city for an interactive afternoon. The tracks will be published online before the onset of the Introduction Week so pay attention to our social media and discuss with your guides and group which workshops you want to pick! – Be aware that you can only pick the track, not the separate workshops. Your Introduction Guide has to go to Usva to register your group for a track during the New York Pizza lunch. We are working on a first come first serve basis!

Below you can find the updated list of workshops:

A Vegan Cooking Workshop! // @Harmony Building

Learn how to make an awesome vegan meal and where to do your vegan shopping in Groningen during this vegan cooking workshop organized by the Vegan Student Association Groningen. You’ll get to learn how to cook vegan without missing out on any flavor, and any questions about vegan living in Groningen can be asked and answered. You will of course get to taste some delicious free food at the end!

Improvisation Comedy Class // @Usva
In one hour, Stranger Things founders Thomas and Kees will show workshop attendants how to improvise on the spot, be in the moment and create comedic scenes out of thin air.

Cartoon Drawing // @Usva
Ever wondered how cartoons are made? Then this workshop is for you! In this workshop the professional cartoonist Dim Junius will teach you how to draw a cartoon from scratch.

Dance workshop // @Usva
In the workshop with dance team AtaXia, you will get acquainted with the process of learning choreography. We will go from warming-up to learning the dance and performing. But most importantly, we will just dance and have loads of fun! Tip: wear clothes you can easily move in!

City Central: Rules of the Road // The route will still be starting at the Akerk, at the Rabarber coffee shop (the former City Central shop) on the north side of the church. 
Still trying to figure out Dutch traffic patterns and right of way while cycling? During the FietsFriend Rules of the Road workshop, City Central will take you on a bike ride through the city centre and stop along the way to explain what the most important road signs mean and how to make sense of those tricky biking situations – you’ll be cycling like a local in no time. Remember to bring a bike to this workshop!

Stukafest: Juggly Marty // @Harmony Building
Together with Juggly Marty you’ll learn not only how to juggle but also how to do it in a spectacular way!

Estrellas // @Usva
Ever wondered what singing with the loveliest group in Groningen is like? Come and find out at our workshop! We will help you to sing some of your favorite pop songs with multiple voice groups, just as we do in our choir!

GUTS & Glory: Theatre // @Harmony Building
A small, fast paced, interactive look at how our posture, mimic and voice work to portray different emotions and characters. Together we will work on positioning yourself and saying words differently to suit a variety of roles.

Yoga // @Usva
Always wanted to try yoga but never knew where to start? In this one hour workshop you’ll be introduced to some basic yoga skills and positions. The perfect way to finish off a hectic week. No yoga mats or special yoga clothes needed, however, comfortable clothes are recommended!

TEIMUN: Body Language // @Harmony Building
Become a master negotiator, public speaker, and diplomat during our TEIMUN Society workshop! In 45 minutes, you will practice public speaking, negotiating, and policy-making and you will be introduced to the concept of MUN and the TEIMUN Foundation.

Language Café // @Harmony Building
Interested in learning some typical Dutch slang, the (native) language of your fellow group members or want to start practicing a new language? Then this is the workshop for you! In our Language Café you can decide what language you would want to learn, we will provide some vocabulary lists to get you started.

ESN City Walk // Starting from Harmony Building or Usva
During this self-guided city walk you will walk past all the hotspots of Groningen. Join this workshop to get to know the ins and outs (and the perfect photo spot) of your new hometown!