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SOLD OUT // Dutch Excursion: Randstad Holland and the Green Heart

“Randstad Holland” is a unique ‘polynuclear city’, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and many more cities. The name Randstad Holland is directly related to the Green Heart situated in the middle – the “oasis of green, peace and rest”. Should the ‘Green Heart’ be (partly) sacrificed in order to allow for continued growth and acceptable levels of liveability of the Randstad?
The tour will introduce you to various aspects of the (limits to) growth of the Randstad. Site visits to Amsterdam (Bijlmer neighborhood), The Hague (government quarter) and Rotterdam (inner city, port) are included, as well as an attempt to find the “Green Heart”.
Why did the 1960s Bijlmer expansion of Amsterdam turn into a social and planning disaster? Is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol located in the wrong place? What exactly is the “Green Heart”? Does it really exist? Can you find it? Where are the political decisions in the Netherlands made? What makes the city of Rotterdam work? Is Rotterdam City still a port city? Where do you put your bookshelf in a cube house?
These and many other questions will be the subject of an excursion, offered to you by ESN Groningen & Jacco Kuper (tour guide, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, University of Groningen).
The excursion focuses on the separation of functions in Randstad Holland, and discusses the ongoing debate about the development options of the Randstad cities and the so-called “Green Heart”.
So in short:
Excursion fee: €25
Time: 8:30 – 23:00 on the 29th of February
Lunch and dinner are not included.
Tickets are SOLD OUT.
Important to note: if you buy your ticket online, you still need to come by the office to pick up the physical ticket.

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