Get involved

ESN Introduction Week: Saturday

Culture Day

13:45-14:00 Walk in 

14:00– 17:00

Groups 1-60

Location: Harmony Building, Usva, City Centre

During Culture Day, you will follow a track of three workshops. These workshops will let you experience all the cultural opportunities that Groningen has to offer! Your Introduction Guides will register your group for a certain track, so be sure to tell them what you would like to do.

Sports Day

12:00-12:30 Walk in 

12:30 – 16:45

Groups 61 – 120

Location: ACLO Sports center, Blauwborgje 16

Walk-in is at 12:00. The day begins at 12:30 with a big warm-up at the Struikhal at the ACLO, where you have time to get yourself ready for the Sports Day ahead. Don’t waste too much energy here, because you will have a day full of different sport workshops ahead of you.
The workshops will take place from 12:50 till 16:45.
During that time, you will get the chance to discover lots of different sports, ranging from Floorball to Padel. In the end of the day you have the chance to loosen your hips and dance the stars away (or at least try to) in a Salsa workshop!

New York Pizza Dinner & Comedy Night

18:30-18:45: Groups 1-60
19:30-19:45: Groups 61-120

Location: Suikerfabriek (Suikerlaan 10)

At the old Sugar Factory, one of the biggest event locations of Groningen, you will enjoy a lovely pizza dinner provided by New York Pizza. After that, the Comedy Night will take place where the improv comedy group Stranger Things Have Happened will provide an interactive and hilarious night of laughter! You don’t want to miss this!


It is forbidden to bring your own (alcoholic) beverages;
There will be a thorough security check at the entrance.