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ESN Pub Quiz

Are you a science nerd? A celebrity expert? Or a history geek? The monthly ESN Pub Quiz has become renowned in Groningen and is the perfect night to test your knowledge and impress your friends.
Find a group and sign-up for the next Pub Quiz on March 5th! Groups can have between 4-6 people. Please sign up with the following link. Only one person per group needs to sign up:
You can win amazing prices such as a high-beer with your group, or a filled goodie bag!
In order to attend, you MUST bring your ESNcard with you to the quiz (without an ESN card you will not be granted entry). ESNcards can be purchased at the ESN office – daily between 13:00 and 16:00 and on Thursdays until 19:00.
We will send you a confirmation email one day before the pub quiz. Please inform us if your group needs to cancel. Because of the maximum capacity of the venue, you can not have more people in your group than you signed up with.
The PPC look forward to seeing you at Het Heerenhuis! (Please remember it’s not allowed to bring your own drinks to het Heerenhuis.)