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ESN Sustainability Week

From Tuesday the 25th of May until Saturday the 29th of May, ESN Groningen will organise the Sustainability Week! This week will be full of fun events, like a Sustainability Talk by the CEO of Dopper, a clothing swap, and an excursion to a dairy farm. Every day, you will be able to join one of the events and learn more about sustainability and how you can help towards a greener future!

The Dopper bottles help reduce the use of single use plastic bottles and are immensely popular in the Netherlands. I am sure you have seen the Dopper bottles in your classes, local coffee shops, or in the University Library! They are everywhere. Dopper is not only producing sustainable water bottles, but also raises awareness and educates others. We have invited the CEO of Dopper to come give a sustainability talk to kick off the first day of the Sustainability Week!
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Are you tired of your boring clothes? Can your wardrobe use some change? Then join our clothing swap organised by the SocialErasmus committee. Collect some clothes that you do not want/need anymore and bring them in. The amount of clothes that you hand in is the amount that you can choose again during the clothing swap. Browse through all the clothes and find some hidden gems!
All clothes that you hand in should be clean and without defects.
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Learn more about all things sustainability during our workshops day! You can follow three different workshops which you can sign up for separately.
The first workshop will be given by ChicFashic. Did you know that an estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created each year? By 2030, we are predicted to send 134 million tonnes of clothing to landfills annually. These shocking figures are both appalling and avoidable. Some quick, cheap and easy sewing skills can be the answer to stop us having to get rid of some of our favourite pieces in our wardrobes. Join this workshop to practice the skills which will save and extend the life of your clothes. You will be provided with some thread, fabric, and a needle so you can practice yourself!

The second workshop will be given by Today Organization. Together, you will make beeswax wraps! Beeswax wraps are a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

The third workshop will be given by the Vegan Student Association. They will show you how to make some sushi! At the end of the workshop, you will be able to try your hand at some sushi making yourself and, of course, taste the end result!

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Did you know that Groningen is full of sustainable shops, restaurants, and second-hand shops? On Friday, we will send you a city walk tour past all these sustainable places which you can walk in your own time! You will discover some great places here in Groningen, and maybe you can even go in to check out the store/restaurant from the inside to get a nice snack.
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On the last day of the Sustainability Week, we will visit a sustainable dairy farm! You will get a tour throughout the whole farm and see what a Dutch farmer’s day looks like!
The bus ride and lunch is included in the ticket price.
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