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SOLD OUT // Kayaking Trip: Unpack & Kayak

Want to see what the Netherlands has to offer outside of its cities? Join us and explore the Dutch countryside by kayak and tent! For this 3-day event (May 19th – 21st), we’re partnering up with Unpack & Kayak! Some of the highlights you can expect: kayaking and canoeing through the beautiful region of Maas en Waal, camping in a tent, sharing stories and making memories around a bonfire, BBQs, going beaver-spotting in the wild, picnicking on one of the many different mini-beaches and paddling past idyllic Dutch windmills. You don’t need to have much experience in the outdoors since all equipment is taken care of.

The ticket costs 193€/person.

What is included in the price?

  • Kayak/canoeing equipment
  • Camping gear
  • Stay at the campsite
  • 2 x BBQ Dinner (vegetarian & vegan options available)
  • 2 x Breakfast (vegetarian & vegan options available)
  • Beaver Spotting experience
  • Bonfire Wood
  • Waterproof Bag (You will be able to keep it after the trip)
  • Technique/Safety instructions
  • Map of the area
  • Standby guide



Transportation from and to Groningen is NOT included in the price!

The location of the trip is in Maasbommel.

What we suggest:

Take the train from Groningen to Nijmegen at 9:18. If you take a group ticket (for max. 7 people), prices could be relatively low! Then take the bus from Nijmegen to Druten and from Druten to Akkerstraat, Beneden-Leeuwen/Veesteeg, Beneden-Leeuwen. From here, we will pick you up at 12:45 and take you to Maasbommel, the final destination.

On the way back, we will take you to the same bus stop at 16:00.


Detailed programme of the trip:

Note that to join this trip, you will have to sign a legal waiver in advance.

You’ll also have to be able to swim properly, so please only buy a ticket if you are able to swim!

Friday, May 19th

  • Arrival at the starting location in Maasbommel around 13:00.
  • You will get an explanation of the kayaking & canoeing technique. After this has been covered there will be a safety briefing, you will be equipped with your lifejackets and you’ll pack the boats (you will receive all the gear at the starting location and bring it to the campsite yourself, via boat of course).
  • Kayak from the starting location to the campsite, and set up the tents. Like this, you’ll have less weight of the equipment in your boat and it’ll make for a nicer, easier paddle for the rest of the trip.
  • Once everything and everyone is set, spend the day exploring “De Gouden Ham” which is where the trip starts. This is a large river cove, filled with cute picnic spots, beaches, birds, and tucked-away corners where you can hang out together, and explore the rest of the area.
  • You go back to the campsite & have a BBQ dinner (vegetarian & vegan options available).
  • Around sunset, there will be a possibility to go on a beaver-spotting trip. This will be via kayak and you will be able to see the beavers swim around in their natural habitat. This usually takes anywhere between 45 minutes – 2 hours.
  • After the beaver-spotting trip you arrive back at the campsite where you can have a bonfire before heading to bed.

Saturday, May 20th

  • Get up whenever you feel like it.
  • You’ll have a nice breakfast.
  • Enjoy a day of kayaking. There are a couple of different routes that are recommended:
  1. Short distance: explore ‘’De Gouden Ham’’ a bit more, go for a picnic, swim, have a drink in the sun, etc.
  2. Middle distance: 1.5-3 hours to a “stoomgemaal” (steam-powered water pumping station) and back. Sometimes the stoomgemaal has tours, and there’s a cafe there with pretty good apple crumble.
  3. Middle distance+: 4-4.5 hours to “Batenburg” (a small village upstream over the Maas with some windmills, a ruin of a castle, a nature reserve, etc). 
  4. Long distance: 6-8 hours a very long, very beautiful loop around the region. The loop is 24km and covers essentially every type of waterway that we have in the region. You start on the calm water of the Gouden Ham, then go downstream over the Maas.
  • BBQ Dinner again, bonfire.
  • Enjoy the evening, and head to bed.

Sunday, May 21st

  • Wake up whenever and enjoy breakfast. It is really strongly recommended getting out early and having at least one sunrise paddle.
  • Sunday’s itinerary is up to you. You can have a final trip to Batenburg (middle distance+), go to the stoomgemaal (middle distance), enjoy de Gouden Ham (short distance), or go right back to the starting location – early.
  •  Head back to Groningen around 16:00.

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