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ESN Meets ACLO: Sportsday

13:00-17:00: Sports competition: ESN Meets Aclo
As part of the Sportsday: ESN Meets Aclo, you will have the opportunity to go head to head with other groups to (hopefully) claim victory! Take on challenges, both in the comfort of your own room and outside to gain points. The sports competition will take place from 13:00 on Sunday until 17:00. During this time, you can complete challenges and submit them to us (for details, see the instructions below). We will be ready to assess your submissions and attribute points as soon as possible. You can check the points of your group real-time on the online scoreboard that we will provide. In addition to the challenges, it is also possible to get points by following the three ESN Meets ACLO challenges that can be accessed below. This will include HITT, Pilates, and Body-fit courses provided by ACLO. The winners will be announced at the start of the Comedy Night and the top three spots will be rewarded with prizes. Below, you can find the documents necessary to start competing right away!

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