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Water Management Day Excursion – Canceled

The Netherlands is world famous for the ongoing ‘war’ with water. At present, not less than 60% of the population lives below sea level.
Your stay in the Netherlands is not complete without experiencing the ways the Dutch people have protected themselves against the ‘Big Wet Enemy’ and have converted sea into land. Walk on the bottom of the former sea!

What is a dike?
What are sleeping dikes?
Why does the Zuyder Sea no longer exist?

Why did the Dutch build cities on the bottom of the sea? Is it safe there?

Join this excursion and all your questions will be answered!

The excursion is offered by ESN Groningen in collaboration with the faculty of spatial planning. from the University of Groningen. Water management experts Paul van Steen and Jacco Kuper will show you how the Dutch managed to get the better of the tides.

Download here all information about the Excursion!

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