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SOLD OUT // Weekend Excursion: Ameland

From Friday the 20th of September until Sunday the 22nd of September, the Excursion Committee invites for its first weekend excursion of the year to the famous Dutch Wadden Island: Ameland!

Located in the northern coast of the Netherlands, Ameland provides one with a beautifully diverse landscape, sand dunes, beaches, and the North Sea. Starting Friday evening the weekend will be filled by a combination of social activities and spare time to get the most out of the weekend. We provide rented bikes allowing you to explore more of the island and its four villages whenever you wish. In the evening, we invite you for a drink to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and your stay to its fullest!

Get your ultimate ticket now!
You can buy your ticket at the ESN office (Pelsterstraat 23, open Monday-Friday 13:00 -16:00, Thursdays until 19:00) or via the ticket link in this event.

Tickets cost 97 euros each. One ticket includes:
● Accommodation
● Transportation (boat/bus)
● Bikes (main transportation)
● All the food provided
● All drinks including beer and wine

If you are interested to explore more of your host country, make new friends and create unforgettable memories, we are happy to welcome you to Ameland!

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