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Windmill Exursion to Harkstede

Explore the Dutch Countryside by Bike: Windmill Tour from Groningen to Harkstede! ‍

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Embark on an adventure with our windmill bike trip from Groningen to Harkstede! Join us at the station for a scenic, approximately an hour-long, journey through the Dutch countryside on our bikes. Local guides will lead you through Harkstede’s historic church and windmill. Learn fascinating facts about these cultural landmarks from those who know them best. Portion of the ticket revenue goes to them direclty for the maintenance of the windmill. After the sightseeing, we planned a picnic in natural surroundings. Relax, enjoy the sun, and engage in outdoor games for some added fun! This trip promises six hours of exploration and fun, expected return to Groningen after 16:00. In the event of unfavourable weather conditions, we’ve got you covered with complimentary bus tickets and a seamless alternative plan. Don’t miss out on this scenic experience! Secure your spot today and make unforgettable memories.

Required: A good functioning bike. 
: 23rd of May
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: Groningen (Central Station ) –> Harkstede
Ticket Price: €6

Accessibility: Noise🟡, Crowd Size🟡, Location🔴, Terrain🟡, Toliets🔴

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