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Clubs programme

Are you looking for a group of students to share your passion with? Or do you feel like meeting some nice people and forming a new group of friends? Then join one of our clubs! Between Arts, Cooking, Sports, Study, and Social, there is a club for everyone. 

What is the ESN Clubs Programme?

ESN Groningen has five sorts of clubs, which are fully run by club members and led by club runners (see below). This means that you decide on when, where, and how you want to organize your meetings and activities. Most clubs are based on a specific interest, however, that doesn’t mean that just chilling together is not allowed of course!

This year, to spice things up, a friendly competition between the different clubs is introduced! In this Clubs Competition, you and your club members can choose to complete a series of fun challenges that match the theme of your club. It’s up to you and your fellow members to decide if you want to join the game and try to win a fun prize.

IMPORTANT!: If you would like to sign up for a club, please make sure that you roughly know your schedule for the upcoming semester. This way, we can put people together based on availability. It’s of course more fun for both you and your club if you can be actively engaged!

Social Club

The Social Club is for anyone who would like to hang out with a new group of people every now and then. There is no interest attached, so go for a drink, watch a movie or go out together!

Sports & Social Club

This one is for all the sports fanatics. Either you like to play sports, watch other people play sports, or anything in between. With your club you could for example organize a sports tournament, get motivated to go to the gym, or just sit at home and watch football together along with a drink, up to you! 

Cooking & Social Club

For all the cooks and bakers who love to try new recipes, this club is for you! Together with your club members, you can share your secret recipes, create a stunning and delicious three-course meal, bake beautiful cakes or just have a nice dinner together every now and then. 

Arts & Social Club

The Arts Club is for all students that love art or love creating art. Together with your fellow club members, you can think of crafting projects or visit exhibitions, or anything that stimulates your creativity. The sky’s the limit! 

Study Buddies

In desperate need of people that motivate you to go to the library? Then become part of the Study Buddies! Being around people who have the same goal – passing the exams – will hopefully serve as a great learning environment. Good luck!

Club Runners

Together with someone else, you can become the Club Runner of your club. The Club Runners are people who would like to remain in contact with the Integration Coordinator  in case the club needs something. You will be part of a Club Runner WhatsApp, in which you can ask for advice from other Club Runners. 

Further information

The sign-ups for this semester are now closed! If you are still interested in taking part of the programme, keep an eye on our website for the second semester sign-ups! If you have any questions regarding the Clubs Programme, do not hesitate to send an email to