The International Dinner committee organizes the international dinners that takes place every 3 weeks all year-round. These dinners are themed differently each week, but it always highlights a certain country. Aside from a three-course meal of that country's traditional food, the dinners also include activities, music, and decorations to make it an overall cultural celebration! The committee is responsible for coming up with the themes, finding the cooks, doing the groceries, setting up the venue, and hosting the dinner.

 Now, a little more about the committee members themselves. First we have the president: Prabaswara Wiropranoto. Don’t be intimidated by her long name, nobody can really pronounce it, everybody calls her Ara! She is an Indonesian currently in her 4th year of International Communication at Hanze. Ara here is a crazy catlady and she is in no way ashamed of it. She even works at the cat café, Op z’n Kop, as a Barista!

Secondly, we have our secretary: Mathilde Post. This braided blue-eyed girl is our half Dutch half Burkinabe secretary. Mathilde is currently studying International Business Management and makes a living out of giving her friends and family great discounts on shoes and boots (she works at Ziengs). Her favorite past time is making fun of Ara, and only Ara, at committee meetings.

Then we have our treasurer: Marrit van Furth. She is a star cook in disguise! She’s the most motivated at dinners because she loves to cook, and even has her own cooking website! (go check it out She is currently studying Medicine, and has turned into our own private doctor in the committee.

Lastly we have our evaluator: Laureen Mertin. She is the tallest girl in our committee, and we’re all secretly super jealous of her. She is currently doing courses for Dutch law, so she can usually be found at the UB with her head buried in books. When she’s not studying, she’s at her “job”: taking care of the most adorable puppy in the world.

Hope to see you at our dinners!

The International Dinner Committee '17/'18

Left to right: Mathilde, Laureen, Marrit, Ara.