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7th ESN Groningen Lustrum

Celebrate 35 years of ESN Groningen!

Founded in 1987 under the name Wings, ESN Groningen has steadily secured its place among the biggest student organisations in Groningen and as the city’s biggest international student organisation. This academic year, we turn 35 and we want to share this special 7th Lustrum with all of you.

The theme is heptá and it encompasses everything that ESN stands for:

  1. Our motto: “Students helping students”
  2. Making international students feel at home in Groningen
  3. Internationalisation at home: giving Dutch students the opportunity to be in an international social environment
  4. Unity in diversity, diversity in unity
  5. Our 6,000 members who make ESN one of Groningen’s most significant student organisations
  6. The ESN Groningen Boards and committees that ensure a fun and smooth year
  7. Our Introduction Weeks and 150+ events per year

Our Lustrum Committee has planned a lot of fun activities for our members and alumni. More details will be announced soon, so stay tuned by following us on Instagram and regularly checking this webpage!

About Lustrum:

A lustrum (plural: lustra) was a term for a five-year period in Ancient Rome. Today it has two meanings: 1) a period of five years or 2) a celebration held after every five-year period. Celebrating lustra is mainly a custom at universities and associated organizations, such as student associations.