Cultural Organisations

C.S.G. Gica

We are C.S.G. Gica, a student choir from Groningen. The name Gica is short for Gaudete in cantando (have joy while singing), and we certainly do: every Thursday night, followed by a trip to our local pub. The choir started 55 years ago and is therefore celebrating its 11th anniversary this year! In these years Gica has sung a wide selection of classical music, including pieces by Bach, Britten and Haydn. We stage two new projects every year in February and June, and this year we’re starting the Henry Purcell Dido and Aeneas project. In addition, we regularly have extra projects, such as singing Christmas carols at various locations and a concert trip abroad. So there is plenty to do! Are you interested? New members are always welcome! Singing with Gica is a lot of fun and educational. We can use new singers in all vocal groups and there are no auditions, so everyone is welcome. Do you have questions? For example, have you never sung in a choir before and are you unsure if it is something for you? No problem, you can come and sing along on one of our open rehearsals in the Oosterkerk (9th and 16th of September). Here you can meet the choir members, the conductor, and of course the music, without any obligation. We look forward to seeing you!

Groninger Student Orchestra Mira

Mira is a ‘gezellig’, driven and open-minded student symphony orchestra in Groningen. We rehearse every Thursday and usually have a drink afterwards at De Walrus. Twice a year, at the end of each season we have one dazzling concert in De Oosterpoort and another one outside of Groningen. Besides the rehearsals we organise many more fun activities, like a running Christmas dinner, an introduction and rehearsal weekend and a BBQ at the end of the year. Sometimes we have ‘eetgroepjes’ before the rehearsals where we eat dinner together. Every six months we play a different programme, consisting of an overture, a symphony and a solo work with young, talented musicians or old vedettes. The last few seasons we have played pieces by Beethoven, Dvořák, Grieg and many more. We are looking forward to welcoming new members in our orchestra family, both Dutch and internationals since our rehearsals are entirely in English. We will hold auditions in September but for more information, check out our website or our Instagram and Facebook @gsomira.

G.S.M.G. Bragi

G.S.M.G. Bragi is the largest and oldest student music association of Groningen. Our average of 80-100 members are distributed over the three sections: the symphony choir, the orchestra and an acapella choir. During a year Bragi prepares three programmes which are rehearsed and prepared through weekly rehearsals, each of them concluding with a series of concerts. Next to that, activities, borrels, rehearsal weekends complement a year of music making. Furthermore, the year 2021-2022 is not any year, but the Lustrum year of the association. It will be the 140th birthday of Bragi! This means that big celebrations and big programmes are to be expected. Never has it been a better time to join. So if you are enthusiastic about making music, wether it would be singing or playing an instrument, there is a place for you here among many people who share the same passion. Contact us for more information and/or come to our Open Rehearsals at the start of the year!

Bathroom Scenario

Bathroom Scenario is a fun a capella student choir that sings a wide variety of music, from the Beatles to Disney. We don’t hold auditions, so everybody who loves singing is very welcome to join! The members of the choir are very connected to each other, we don’t only rehearse but also organise fun activities and have drinks or play games together after rehearsal. We have several performances throughout the year including a Christmas concert, a choir competition in spring and at the end of the year we perform a self-written and self-produced musical where there is not only singing but also acting. Check out “Bathroom Scenario” on Instagram and Facebook to hear and see what we’re up to!

Popkoor Estrellas

Popkoor Estrellas is the place to be if you want to sing pop music in Groningen. We are a group of 24 students singing Soprano, Mezzo or Alto, rehearsing together on Thursday evenings. The rehearsals are in Dutch, but that doesn’t stop our current (or future) international members from singing with us! We pride ourselves on being a ‘gezellige’ group who love going to the karaoke bar after rehearsals to sing some more and just hang out. Our repertoire varies from Muse to Dodie, with different songs every year. We have many performance oppurtunities, include our own concert every summer and attending BALK TOP festival every other year. You are always welcome to come along to a rehearsal and sing with us if you’re interested!

Literary Student Association Flanor

Welcome to Flanor! Flanor is the only literary student association in the Netherlands! We’re a small association, with about 140 members, from all fields of study. However, (almost) everyone has a shared interest: reading! This varies from fantasy to Russian literature and everything in between. But reading and discussing books is in no way all we do. Many of our ‘reading groups’ don’t actually read books, but do other things, like writing, cooking, watching movies, playing board games or listening to music. So, within our association, you’re not assigned within a certain year group, but you yourself choose the groups you want to join, based on what your interests are! An overview of all the reading groups you can find on the website: All of these groups come together during the activities the board and the AcCie organize each month. Every month there are drinks and an interview and a radio broadcast. Besides that, there are also other things like pub quizzes, running dinners, and more! We also go on a weekend trip twice a year! Do you want to know more about Flanor, or do you want to join our association? Then take a look at our website: If you want to know what we’re up to each month, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter:

A-Way Productions

Stichting A-Way Productions is a young, energetic and creative cultural collective based in Groningen. Our drive is to raise awareness in society among (young)adults around difficult themes and taboos such as school shootings, bullying, ‘fitting in’, the importance of memories and mental health issues through cultural activities. The basis of all our productions is the use of experience combined with scientific research on the topic.

Groningen University Theatre Society

GUTS is the largest and oldest english speaking theatre society of the RUG. Every year is a new chance to participate in the plays, as well as our workshops, pub quizzes, karaoke nights and other events that GUTS hosts. Every week on Wednesdays we host a new event, either a social or a theatre-related event. To keep up when and where these are, follow us on our social media, or email the board at!


Usva is the cultural facility of the University of Groningen and strives to encourage and enthuse students to get involved in arts and culture. Therefore Usva offers a platform where students get the chance to develop themselves in the field of arts and culture. We offer courses in seven different disciplines: visual arts & fashion, body & mind, dance, film/photo & design, music, writing & speaking and drama. Usva also has many events that bring some culture to your student life. For example our beer yoga’s, cultural workshops, film nights and many more! Usva organizes various recurring events throughout the year, such as the International Student Short Film Festival Flicks, the talent show Next Student Talent, the clothing swap O-Swap and Lazarus Festival. Usva also has a lot of fun and creative committees, that organize their own events, design posters or photograph events. It’s the best place in Groningen to experience culture and meet people with likeminded interests.