Other Organisations

IRUG (The Korean Students Association in Groningen)

To introduce Korean culture for international students and locals by creating educational seminars and holding cultural parties.

Ganymedes LGBT Student Association Groningen

Ganymedes is the association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students in Groningen. With our 130 members we are committed to achieving acceptance and equality for everyone within the LGBTQ+ community, combined with a healthy dose of fun and “gezelligheid”! We’ve got weekly drinks on Thursday nights in one of our regular bars, Tram 13 and The House of Scandal. We also organise activities on Tuesday nights twice a month which alternate between having a societal focus (think lectures or discussions) and having a focus on “gezelligheid” (think pooling or a game night). Furthermore, we organise parties, trips and so much more! Though there are plenty of options, a membership at Ganymedes is free of any obligations and it is perfectly possible to combine it with a membership of another study and/or student association. Moreover, our drinks and the majority of our activities are open to non-members as well so you can always drop by! Also good to know: you can sign up for our association throughout the year. Keep an eye on our website and our Instagram page (@ganymedeslgbt) to see which activities are coming up. We hope to welcome you to our association soon!

The European International Model United Nations (TEIMUN)

Already since 1987, The European International Model United Nations Foundations has been giving students in Groningen the opportunity to increase their awareness of the United Nations and other international organizations, proviidng a platform for the discussion of issues of global significance, and facilitating intercultural communication. We organize two high-quality Model United Nations conferences during the year, in which you will have the chance to debate about a topic of global importance while facing the same institutional procedures and political pressures that real-life diplomats must navigate. In March, we are going to be hosting a local, one-day conference for our Groningen community. GrunnMUN, or the Groningen Model United Nations, gives you the opportunity to be a diplomat for a day and kickstart your MUN career, or help you polish your skills if you have already been to many conferences before. In July, we will organize an international, week-long conference in The Hague, where you will not only have the chance to debate issues of global importance with like-minded young professionals from all over the world, but also network, socialize, and experience the International City of Peace and Justice. Are you an aspiring MUN delegate? Or would you like to connect with members of the Groningen MUN community? Then make sure to visit sessions of the TEIMUN Society, to be hosted every week. More information about the TEIMUN Society, as well as our conferences, may be found on our website. You can also follow us on our social media. We look forward to seeing you at our conferences and sessions! Instagram: @teimunfoundation Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teimun2019/ LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/the-european-international-model-united-nations-teimun-48b579182

HOST-IFES Groningen

HOST is your home away from home. We organize a range of activities and events, focused on connecting different people and providing a place to discuss life, faith and meaning. Just a few example of the things we do: the Partnerprogram (connecting students, both Dutch and international), Eat & Meet (international students visiting a Dutch family for diner), and Walk & Talk (meeting new people over a walk, while dicussing some interesting and thoughtprovoking conversationquestions).


With over 400 members, the SIB is the largest internationally oriented student association in Groningen. Anyone can become a member, regardless of where you’re from or what you study. At the SIB you will find more than just the social side. We combine parties and drinks with interesting lectures, workshops and symposia. Next to that we also organize several trips throughout the year, for example our annual visit to the NATO in Brussels! SIB-Groningen is the perfect place for those who want to gain knowledge about events in the world, but also want to experience the social parts of the student life in Groningen and meet people from all over the world. SIB brings the world to you! Membership costs only €35 per year and during the KEI-week you can become a member for the first half year for only €10! Interested? Visit our website at sib-groningen.nl or becomeamember.nl. We are also on Instagram at @sibgroningen!

Rode Kruis

Help to people in need. That’s what the Red Cross stands for. Close by, if you have blisters during the Four Days Marches or if you sprain your ankle during a running race. If you have to leave your house due to a gas leak or if you stand in glass at a festival. But also far away. People who have lost loved ones while fleeing violence in their village, or whose house has been swept away by a mudslide. We are there for you and for them. With the largest volunteer aid network in the world, there is always someone close to you. To help you if you need it.

Groninger Studentenbond

The Groningen Students’ Union (GSb) is an association dedicated to the interests of students in Groningen. For example, by engaging in dialogues with the municipality of Groningen, University of Groningen and Hanze University we stand for student housing, good education and a strong legal position for students.In addition the GSb offers free legal advice to students who, for example, have problems with their landlord, have a disagreement with a supervisor or have a problem about their binding study advice. The Legal Committee and Rental Team offer this advice and mediate where possible. The tasks of the GSb are very broad, whether it is organizing a demonstration against the feudal system, set up a select pointer for the municipal elections in Groningen or providing relevant information, the GSb helps students.


AEGEE-Groningen is the European student travel association in Groningen. Our student association is part of the AEGEE-Europe network, which has a total of more than 13.000 members in 200 different university cities spread over 40 countries in Europe.   We offer you weekly social drinks and activities, excursions, hitchhiking competitions, events, conferences and lectures in Groningen and the rest of Europe! In addition to all of this, we organize a nice introduction period in September. During this period you will get to know the members of AEGEE-Groningen in a fun and in a non-committal way. After that you’re able to join cheap travel trips during the whole year and you’re always welcome at our activities and social drinks. In summer you can join a Summer University: a great and unforgettable holiday at another AEGEE-local in Europe for a friendly price.     So, do you want to travel during your student life, meet new people from different cultures and join the best student association in Groningen? Take a look at our website or come to our weekly social drink, which takes place every Wednesday starting at 10 PM in De Brouwerij (Poelestraat 27) and discover how fun AEGEE-Groningen is!

UNICEF Student Team Groningen

UNICEF aims to involve as many people as possible to help take action in realizing a better world for children. Since students are more inclined to reach out to other young people and organize inspiring & refreshing activities, UNICEF has student teams. In October 2021, the UNICEF Student Team Groningen has existed seven years. As part of the Student Team, students support UNICEF Netherlands with fundraising activities and creating awareness. In total, there are 12 student teams in the Netherlands that are all working towards one goal. The Student Team Groningen consists of around 50 volunteering members. The Board, consisting of six motivated students, is responsible for the organisation of the team and the communication to the UNICEF Headquarters in The Hague. The members are split over different committees such as the sports committee and awareness committee. Being part of our student team gives the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people. Besides our events we host monthly gatherings, a twice yearly trip and many more internal activities through which you will get to know your fellow members. For more information you can visit our website: https://unicefgroningen.wixsite.com/unicefgroningen/about.

Vegan Student Association Groningen

We are the first vegan student association in the Netherlands. We host fun social events such as potlucks and drinks, but also do outreach and host educational events about veganism-related topics. You do not have to be vegan to join!

Wake Up Student Psychology & Coaching

Wake Up Student Psychology & Coaching provides coaching for students who encounter reccuring mental challenges. Wether you’re dealing with anxiety, doubts, (dis)organization, procrastination, or motivational challenges: our team of psychologists is ready to guide you forward. Student life is full of experiences and development, but not all experiences are pleasant and development isn’t always as predictable as we’d like. Our goal is to make you feel good about yourself and the direction you’re heading. If you want to find out how Wake Up Student can help you, go to www.wakeupstudent.nl and make an appointment. For ESN members, the intake is completely free of charge and we can see you within a week.

AIESEC Groningen

AIESEC is an international non-profit organization and one of the biggest youth-run organizations in the world. AIESEC’s aim is to create the leaders of the future. We have been promoting intercultural exchanges since 1948, to give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, explore the world, discover your personal values and develop your practical skills. By learning from other students from different cultural backgrounds, you will broaden your understanding of the world and of yourself. When going on an exchange project with us, AIESEC will guide your throughout the entire process to make sure everything runs smoothly and to give you the experience of a lifetime. Our exchange experiences may vary from gaining professional experience by doing an internship with a foreign company, to doing something to help make the world a little bit better by volunteering abroad. We offer various projects everywhere in the world, that may vary in length. Besides, we also offer numerous (part-time and full-time) board year opportunities in Groningen! If you are curious about what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out through our website, email or Instagram.