Culture day & Workshops

During the Culture Day, you will be able to experience various cultural and creative activities in a wide variety of fun workshops and (guided) tours with your group! You can pick a track with three different workshops and join local organisations and institutions at locations throughout the city for an interactive afternoon. The tracks will be published online before the onset of the Introduction Week so pay attention to our social media and discuss with your guides and group which workshops you want to pick! – be aware that you can only pick the track, not separate workshops and first come first serve. For the most recent information, check out our Platform.

Dutch History Workshop
Do you truly know everything about our tiny country? Where does the name “Holland” come from? Why do the Dutch dress up in orange to celebrate the birthday of the King? How did the Dutch become a world power in the 16th century? Find out where all our strange customs come from by joining this interactive workshop!

Guided City Tour
GroningenLife! is an organisation specialised in explaining to prospective students why Groningen is the place to be! Through a city tour, a guide will tell you all about the student life, history and highlights of the city itself.

Sustainability Walk
See Groningen in a sustainable light! With the guidance of the Green Embassy, find the shops that make Groningen green and play the sustainability game.

University Museum
Become familiar with the history of the University of Groningen and visit the University Museum filled with art, culture and scientific heritage. The University of Groningen has been decisive for the development of the inner city for over 400 years. Discover the current exhibition in this interesting museum!

Improvisation Comedy Class
This workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to train your improvisation skills! An enthusiastic member of the comedy group Stranger Things Have Happened will teach you different practices of improvisation comedy. A very interesting and interactive workshop, a great way to find out if you and your group members have any acting talent!

Cartoon Drawing
During this workshop, a professional cartoonist will teach you how to draw a cartoon from scratch during this workshop! Do you love drawing? This is something for you!

The Northern Nautical Museum
The Northern Nautical Museum is situated in two beautiful medieval buildings in Groningen. The museum shows the history of ship transport in the north of the Netherlands and the history of Groningen. Additionally, you can visit changing art and history exhibitions throughout the year in this museum. To find out how Groningen looked in the Middle Ages, you can view the special virtual reconstruction of medieval Groningen.

GRID, the famous graphic museum in Groningen, invites you for a real hands-on experience! You are going to work with rollers, letters and ink in all colours!

Dance workshop
The dance group Ataxia will provide a dance workshop during the Culture Day! So do you want to move around a bit, and learn to dance? Here’s your chance!

GUTS & Glory: Build Your Own Play (Theatre)
Interested in acting, directing, costume, makeup or anything to do with putting a play together? Of course you are! Come along to our Build Your Own Play workshop where you can build your own play from scratch. Terrified of stepping on stage? No worries! If the idea of standing in front of an audience makes your bladder want to cry, there is plenty more to do such as costume, makeup, PR or even taking a seat in the director’s chair! So please join this once in a lifetime experience!

City Central: Bike Workshop

Are you new to the city and dying to finally understand weird Dutch traffic patterns
and the right of way? During our workshop you’ll bike around the city and stop at some curious road signs and difficult biking situations. Those hectic intersections won’t make you lose sleep any longer! Remember to bring your bike to this workshop!

During this workshop you can relax a bit during this hectic week. The workshop will show you some insight into different basic yoga skills and positions. (No special yoga clothes are needed for this workshop, but do try to wear comfortable clothes!).

Self-portrait painting
A very creative workshop is this self-portrait painting workshop! Get your paint out, and paint yourself in the most creative way you can!

Going Out Green: the ultimate guide to Groningen cultural life
Are you ready to explore Groningen events, venues, museums, festivals, parties and find out what matches your taste? Then join the workshop of Here & Now in Groningen ( and get yourself ready to enjoy this city to the fullest! During the workshop you will learn everything about local venues and events. Underground or commercial venues, massive or community-organised events… Groningen has it all! Also, you will do an interactive test and find activities that fit you best, and on top of that, you will get tips and tricks on how to join events and parties in an environmentally sustainable way (yes, that’s

Creative Writing
Always wanted to write your own fantasy chronicle but didn’t know where to start?
Join Flanor for this world building workshop and learn all about creating your world’s very own language, history, religion and natural setting in order to make your story as unique and convincing as possible!

TODAY: Soap Making

Are you interested in making your own uniquely scented sustainable soap? Join the TODAY organization for this workshop to learn how to make natural soap, as well as meeting like-minded people who, just like you, want to kickstart their sustainable lifestyle!

Historical Groningen Tour
During this workshop you will learn all about the rich history of Groningen and its spatial development throughout time while walking past some of the beautiful historical buildings in the city centre.

ESN City Walk
During this self-guided city walk you will walk past all the hotspots of Groningen. Join this workshop to get to know the ins and outs (and the perfect photo spot) of your new hometown!

Art Quest
To see beautiful art you don’t need to go to a museum anymore, because there is lots of (hidden) art to be found in the city of Groningen! For this Art Quest you will receive a map from us, after which you can start the quest with your group and find all the hidden art that Groningen has to offer.

Language Café
Interested in learning some typical Dutch slang, the (native) language of your fellow group members or want to start practicing a new language? Then this is the workshop for you! In our Language Café you can decide what language you would want to learn, we will provide some vocabulary lists to get you started.

Dutch Games
The Dutch have some weird traditions, like the old Dutch games such as ‘’shitting nails’’, ‘’egg race’’ or ‘’sack race’’… join this workshop to find out what these games are!

Music Quiz
Groninger Student Orchestra Mira presents: the music quiz! At this interactive event you can test your knowledge about music, orchestras and other musical fun facts. Join us and show your expertise!