Culture Day Workshops & Tracks

During Culture Day, you will be able to experience various cultural and creative activities in a wide variety of fun workshops with your group! You can join up to 3 workshops or 2 workshops and 1 comedy show by Stranger Things Have Happened (hosted in the Harmony Building). You can attend those workshops with your group or separately if your interests are diverse! You can check out the workshops down below. All workshops will be hosted in the Harmony Building (Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 26) and Usva (Munnekeholm 10) – they are approximately five minutes away from one another on foot. On this page, you can find an overview of all workshops and their location.

The workshops are subject to change. Last update: 31-01-2023

Dungeons & Dragons with Flanor (Harmony Building)

Flanor will introduce you to the world of tabletop roleplaying games. You will play a one-shot for 45 minutes with one of their DM’s. You don’t need to have experience in tabletop roleplaying games to join this workshop.

GroningenLife Quiz (Harmony Building)

Ready to test your knowledge? GroningenLife! is hosting a quiz about student life in Groningen. It is a great opportunity to meet some people and you can even win a nice prize!

Public speaking with TEIMUN (Harmony Building)

Become a master negotiator, public speaker, and diplomat during the TEIMUN Society workshop! In 45 minutes, you will practice public speaking, negotiating, and policy-making, and you will be introduced to the concept of (TEI)MUN.

Dutch History Lecture (Harmony Building)

Do you truly know everything about our tiny country? Where does the name “Holland” come from? Why do the Dutch dress up in orange to celebrate the birthday of the King? How did the Dutch become a world power in the 16th century? Find out where all our strange customs come from by joining this interactive workshop!

Housing Culture in Groningen: What are my rights as a student (Harmony Building)

The Groninger Student Union (GSb) has been defending the rights of all students in this city since 1971. From the quality of education that you receive to the housing rights that you have, they have been there for students throughout their entire student experience. Due to the major housing crisis that Groningen is going through, we think it’s very important that you learn about your housing rights. During this workshop, GSb will inform you about multiple important topics that range from high rent prices to bad maintenance of your house, and from the things that your landlord is allowed to charge you for to places where you can search for a room! Join in so that they can give you all the tools and information you need!

How to Build A Winning CV (Harmony Building)

Learn how to build a CV that lands you an interview. At this workshop, you will get tips for building a good CV, section by section (profile summary, professional experience, academic background, skills, and language).

Bias, Culture & Inclusion (Harmony Building)

SCDAI, short for Student Center for Diversity, Advocacy, and Inclusion, is an organisation maintained by students for students. In this workshop facilitated by SCDAI, you are invited to explore in an open space how to inclusively interact within a multicultural and diverse environment. They will guide you through different dimensions of culture, share doubts and hopes, but also teach you practical skills on how to deal with some (cultural) shocks that may come with meeting people of diverse identities. Bring your questions and ideas, and let’s navigate Groningen’s unique multifaceted nature!

Cartoon Drawing (Usva)

Paper, pencil and eraser: draw Cartoon Characters by hand. With fun exercises and practical tips, you learn to draw your own characters. From the first sketch to a cool drawing!

Dance Workshop (Usva)

In the workshop with dance team AtaXia, you will get acquainted with the process of learning choreography. You will go from warming up to learning how to dance and perform. But most importantly, you will just dance and have loads of fun!

Singing with Popkoor Estrellas (Usva)

Popkoor Estrellas is the student choir from Groningen. With a group of 24, they sing pop songs from Queen to Sia. In a workshop with Popkoor Estrellas, you’ll experience what it’s like to sing together in harmony.

Beer Yoga (Usva)

A beer yoga session for you to relax, restore your focus and collect your energy for the Pub Crawl. Here you can activate your body, find balance and bring some mindfulness into your day, in combination with the pleasure of beer!

GUTS Basics of Theatre (Usva)

The Groningen University Theatre Society is happy to present an interactive experience of theatre where, together with some GUTS veterans, you will learn (and practice!) some basic techniques used in theatre. In a fun way, they will teach you a little about how to use your voice, face, body language, and movement. So, if you’ve ever wanted a quick sample of how exciting theatre can be, join their workshop!

Smartphone Photography Workshop (Usva)

Always wanted to get more out of your photos? You don’t need a very expensive camera to take good pictures! Most phones today can do a lot. Get tips and tricks on how to take your phone photography to the next level in this workshop.

International in Groningen: starter kit (Harmony Building)

What is Groningen and how can you make the most out of your time here? What events, hotspots and experiences in the city are the best for you? What opportunities do the city and province have for you? Join this interactive session and find out!

The Power of Mindset (Harmony Building)

This training is focused on mental health and recognising your own behaviour and thought patterns, and challenging them in order to turn them into something positive.