Culture Day Workshops & Tracks

During Culture Day, you will be able to experience various cultural and creative activities in a wide variety of fun workshops and (guided) tours with your group! You can pick a track with three different workshops and join local organisations and institutions at locations throughout the city for an interactive afternoon.  Be aware that you can only pick the track, not separate workshops and first come first serve. Next to that, the workshops on Saturday and Sunday slightly differ, so make sure you are on the right page. You can check out the workshops down below. The tracks will be posted soon.

Click here for the Sunday tracks: Sunday Tracks

The workshops are subject to change. We will update this platform regularly (latest update 29-08-2022).
Argumentation 101

Being a skillful public speaker allows you to be better able to defend your ideas, helps you become more confident when presenting your views and improves your career prospects in the future. In this workshop you’ll learn how to give a well-structured persuasive speech on any subject, the art of constructing bulletproof arguments and how to humble your opponents with strong rebuttals.

Going Out Green: the ultimate guide to Groningen cultural life

Are you ready to explore Groningen events, venues, museums, festivals, and parties and find out what matches your taste? Then join the workshop of Here & Now in Groningen and get yourself ready to enjoy this city to the fullest! During the workshop, you will learn everything about local venues and events. Underground or commercial venues, massive or community-organised events… Groningen has it all! Also, you will do an interactive test and find activities that fit you best, and on top of that, you will get tips and tricks on how to join events and parties in an environmentally sustainable way (yes, that’spossible!)!

Write with Flanor

The literary student association Flanor will give you a workshop on creative writing. Do you want to train your writing skills a little bit? Then join us and have fun!

Pub Quiz GroningenLife

Ready to test your knowledge? GroningenLife! is hosting a pub quiz about student life in Groningen. It is a great opportunity to meet some new people as you will be divided into teams. The best team wins a nice prize! So sign up now!

City Central: Rules of the Road

Still trying to figure out Dutch traffic patterns and right of way while cycling? During the FietsFriend Rules of the Road workshop, City Central will take you on a bike ride through the city centre and stop along the way to explain what the most important road signs mean and how to make sense of those tricky biking situations – you’ll be cycling like a local in no time. Remember to bring a bike to this workshop!

Body Language

Become a master negotiator, public speaker, and diplomat during our TEIMUN Society workshop! In 45 minutes, you will practice public speaking, and negotiating, and you will learn how to use your body language effectively.

Housing Culture in Groningen: What are my rights as a student

The Groninger Student Union has been an informative voice in Groningen about your rights as a student and citizen in Groningen regarding many topics most importantly housing. During this workshop, we will inform you about all the rights and privileges you as a student has on the housing market here in Groningen. These topics range from too high rent prices to bad maintenance of your house, we will give you all the tools and information you need!

Dive into the local history of Science at the University Museum

During a guided tour you will hear all about the history of science in Groningen and the educational journey of the first female student that was accepted here in 1871. Also, we have a pretty cool human anatomy room that you wouldn’t want to miss.

VRIJDAG: Music Workshop

Meet VRIJDAG, the home of amateur art for Groningen and the largest cultural employer in the north of the Netherlands. During this workshop offer a short tour of our location at the SintJansstraat, the music department in the centre of the city. You will learn more about our music program and the opportunities we offer, like electronic music in STUDIO10 or renting rehearsal rooms for solo or with your band. One of our teachers will invite you to make music in a fun creative music workshop. Experience is not necessary, fun comes first, enjoy making music, everybody can join!


GRID, the famous graphic museum in Groningen, invites you for a real hands-on experience! You are going to work with rollers, letters and ink in all colours!

Language Café

Interested in learning some typical Dutch slang, the (native) language of your fellow group members or want to start practising a new language? Then this is the workshop for you! In our Language Café, you can decide what language you would want to learn, we will provide some vocabulary lists to get you started.

ESN City Walk

During this self-guided city walk you will walk past all the hotspots of Groningen. Join this workshop to get to know the ins and outs (and the perfect photo spot) of your new hometown!

SCDAI: Interacting within a multicultural environment

In the workshop by SCDAI, we will provide an open space to explore how to inclusively interact within a multicultural and diverse environment. You will get to share doubts and hopes, but also learn practical skills in how to deal with some (cultural) shocks that may come with meeting people of diverse identities. Bring your questions and ideas and let’s navigate Groningen’s unique multifaceted nature!

GUTS: Basics of Theatre

The Groningen University Theatre Society is happy to present an interactive experience of theatre where, together with some GUTS veterans, you will learn (and practice!) some basic techniques used in theatre.
In a fun way, we will teach you a little on how to use your voice, face, body language and movement. So, if you’ve ever wanted a quick sampler of how exciting theatre can be, please join our little workshop!

AtaXia: Dance Workshop

In the workshop with dance team AtaXia, you will get acquainted with the process of learning a choreography. We will go from warming up to learning the dance and performing. But most importantly, we will just dance and have loads of fun!

Singing in harmony with Pop choir Estrellas!

Have you ever wanted to sing in harmony but have never known where to start? Have you ever wondered what singing with the loveliest group in Groningen is like? Come and find out at our “Singing in harmony” workshop! We will help you to warm up your voice and sing some of your favourite pop songs in harmony, just like we do in our choir!

Improv Comedy

Kees and Thomas are founding members of improv comedy group Stranger Things Have Happened, and in 45 minutes they promise they can teach you improv comedy, too. With a focus on being in the moment, and through the use of fun, short exercises, they can help you play improv without the hard work but with all of the laughs.

Beer Yoga

Want to come down from your daily stress? Join the Usva Beer Yoga! Combine the refreshing energy of beer with the mindfulness of yoga. Under the professional guidance of our teacher, you’ll reach a point of relaxation you have never been to.

Cartoon Drawing

Paper, pencil and eraser: draw Cartoon Characters by hand. With fun exercises and practical tips, you learn to draw your own characters. From the first sketch to a cool drawing!