Sports associations

On this page you can find all the information about the participating sports organisations and associations:


The ACLO is the main student sports organization in Groningen with 19.000 members each year. This makes the ACLO the biggest student sports organization in Europe! The ACLO provides unlimited use of facilities and a selection of more than 100 different sports. For only €59,95,- a year you can participate in all of our group lessons, rent a field, or sign up for one of our courses. Check out our website for more information!

De Groene Uilen-Moestasj

De Groene Uilen-Moestasj is the student basketball association in Groningen and the largest in the Netherlands. Our ten men’s and eight women’s teams play at almost all levels, from the lowest regional division to the national promotion division. So, are you a starting player? Someone who has been playing for a while? Or are you someone with a lot of experience who still wants to enjoy their student days a bit? Then this is the association for you! At every match there are supporters and especially with the higher playing teams we are cheering with many members in the stands!
Our club is not just about basketball. It’s also about making new friends during your college/uni days and throwing a party at any event! For example, we have many committees (which you can also join!) that organize multiple events throughout the year, such as the tournament committee that organizes GUMIT! This is the event of the year where there is playing and partying during the day and continue to party until late at night. The next day you keep partying on the field! In addition, we have a weekend away twice a year, a drink every month and many more activities.
Does this sound interesting, and would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us via email or give us a call, have a look at our socials and check our website! Hope to see you soon on the Basketball court!

G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje

The royal Dutch football association may think football and beer are not compatible, however, we disagree! Welcome to Drs. Vijfje, where futsal and parties are mixed into the ultimate cocktail during your studies in Groningen.

G.S.F.V. Drs. Vijfje is the largest futsal association in the Netherlands. Every week, more than 450 members spread over 51 teams play their competitive matches. Our highest playing team for men, Heren 1, is the highest playing students’ team in the Netherlands by performing in the ‘Topklasse’. Besides, Dames 1 plays in the Eredivisie, the highest level! The other teams are spread across the five lower levels. Voluntary trainings are scheduled weekly and Drs. Vijfje regularly organizes big futsal tournaments. The matches are played during the week, on Wednesday and Friday.

However, Drs. Vijfje is not solely about futsal: every Friday evening we unite, drink and party in our pub, café All Round. The doors of the café All Round are regularly opened on Wednesdays as well, for a monthly pubquiz, tournament or party. But there’s more: every year, we organize a Christmas dinner, gala, skiing holiday and a football tournament in Spain. Therefore, Drs. Vijfje is the best association to join during your studies in Groningen!

G.B.D. Calamari

G.B.D Calamari is a fun and active diving association in Groningen. Calamari provides the possibility to start or proceed a diving training in an affordable way. Five times a year, we organize fun diving trips to Zeeland. Next to this, there are all kinds of other fun activities organized, so there is always something to do! After training, we like to eat together or hit the pub for some beers.

Snorkeling, swimming and underwater hockey

Next to diving, you can also work on your snorkeling technique during the snorkel clinic or work on your swimming condition during the swimming training. Would you like a bigger challenge? Then you should try underwater hockey! This is an intensive sport taking place at the bottom of the swimming pool. During the underwater hockey training, you work on endurance, technique and teamwork. If you are enthusiastic, you can join the competition team and play matches against other underwater hockey teams in the Netherlands.

Marine biology

Originally, Calamari is a diving association for biology students. Although all students from RUG and Hanze are welcome these days, the fascination for underwater biology has always stayed. This means that there is extensive knowledge about underwater life within the club, which you can all learn about from fellow members.

Do you want to know more? Check our website or contact our secretary through

G.e.A. Fairplay

Fairplay is the esports association for students in Groningen. In cooperation with the ACLO, we want to promote competitive esports and above all, to have fun! That’s why we organize training and competitions, as well as more relaxed activities. We aim to create a competitive ambiance in our association as well as the opportunity to just interact and talk about your favorite games! Our members get the benefit of being trained by our very own trainers to improve their game and go even further beyond! So why not join and become an esports pro. We have enthusiasts for just about any game or consoles, such as Smash, Rocket League, League of Legends, CS:GO, CoD, and Fifa. So feel free to shoot us a message and talk about any game you want. We also enjoy single-player experiences, speedrunning, party games, and more! Other games will also be available during our weekly nights, LAN parties, and other activities ranging from bowling to bar crawling. We have an active discord ( which allows us to keep in touch with everyone!

We are planning to host a Rocket League, League of Legends, and Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament over the next month to be sure to join the discord for further information on when they are and how to join!

G.S.A.V. Vitalis

Vitalis is the place for all things student athletics in Groningen! We offer training in all disciplines: javelin, hurdling, long jump, running etc. Of course we wouldn’t be a student association if we didn’t have proper parties! With monthly social drinks, activities and additional parties there is much more to be experienced when not training.

From 7 to 27 September we have our annual introduction period, this is the ideal time to sign up and get to know the association. You are also free to join outside this period but we highly recommend the introduction period to kick off your Vitalis membership! For more information please see have a look on our website or pop an e-mail to


Are you a student at the University of Groningen or the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and do you want to play badminton? Then AMOR is the place to be! Very experienced players, as well as complete newcomers, are welcome to join.

The GSBC (NL: “Groninger Studenten Badminton Club”) was founded in the year 1963. The founding members were members of Vindicat (Atque Polit) and Unitas. However AMOR became a completely independent association, not a sub-association. In those days almost a revolutionary act! The name of the club changed shortly after founding (on November 14th 1963) in GSBC A.M.O.R. (NL: “Alles Met Ons Racket”). However, complete satisfaction was not yet achieved. So in the year 1968 it was decided to change the name to GSBC AMOR (no more separation dots), with which we are familiar now. Our wildly accepted credo: AMOR OMNIA VINCIT (love conquers all).

At AMOR you have the opportunity to train/play once or twice a week. On Tuesday we train in six different groups from 18:30-23:00 in the “Struikhal” (ACLO Zernike). Every group has a different level, so it is easy to fit in!
You can always try out our training (90 minutes) three times completely for free without committing yourself to anything!

Apart from badminton, lots of social events are organised during the year, including but not limited to: monthly socials, (running) dinners, weekend-camps and BBQs.

G.S.P.V. De NoordPole

G.S.P.V. De NoordPole is the student pole-dance association of Groningen and the only student pole-dance association of the Northern Netherlands! De NoordPole was established in the summer of 2013 and has offered poledance training on different levels ever since; from beginners up to advanced. During training, you build strength and flexibility while learning awesome pole-dance moves. You can train further on with your pole-dance friends during the unsupervised open hours. Apart from the weekly training, we also organise drinks with other associations and various other activities for our members like workshops, a weekend-away and a club championship. On top of that we have a couple awesome committees and we regularly host demonstrations and workshops during various events.
Would you like to come train with us, and try out pole-dancing? Contact us via our website, or send us a message via mail, Instagram or Facebook!

G.S.S.V. Squadraat

G.S.S.V. Squadraat is the biggest student squash association in the Netherlands with roughly 130 members. Open to both international and Dutch students, we play squash on skill levels ranging from basic (learning the very foundations of the sport) to advanced. If you are unfamiliar with squash, don’t worry! Many new members are completely new to this great sport. You can become a general member, allowing you access to tosses and all other Squadraat activities, or learn more about the sport by joining as a training member. Tosses are open hours in which you can play squash with fellow Squadraters without a trainer and socialize for a bit. You can train on a level that suits you best (any of 4 levels) once or twice per week. Are you looking for more? Squadraat also offers various (internal) tournaments, clinics, competition, monthly socials and larger activities such as the legendary Squadraatweekend and participation in the Batavierenrace each year! In short, Squadraat offers you both sports and social activities. You can even become a active member and join one of our committees. Come see us at the squash courts and try it for yourself! During Squadraat hours, you can use Squadraat’s rackets and squash balls, so you only have to bring sports clothing and indoor sports shoes!

If you have any questions, you can always email us via

G.S.B.V. De Mattekloppers

For judo we have a technical group to really focus on techniques and a competition
group for those who are more experienced and want to join competitions. For jiu jitsu,
you will learn the Japanese branch of the sport from the perspective of self-defense.
Next to our regular training sessions, we often have drinks after training and we
organise social activities and martial art workshops.
Are you interested or have questions? Come by one of our trainings or take a look at
our website! (

G.S.D.C. Ad Fundum

AAre you interested in diving and do you want to learn it or continue doing it during your studies in Groningen? Are you fascinated by the amazing underwater world, both in the Netherlands and the rest of the world? Do you want to train on a weekly basis, do fun dry-events and make new friends with enthusiastic and social people? Then Ad Fundum is the perfect sports association for you!
We are a relatively small but therefore close diving association for UG and Hanze students with many different educational backgrounds, but who all share a passion for diving. Besides the opportunity to get your diving license supervised by experienced diving instructors, we always have drinks after training, and regularly go to Zeeland, a prime diving spot in the Netherlands. Besides these regular activities, we also organize several dry-events, like bowling or our monthly drinks. In lockdown, we often substitute our training for evening walks so we keep in touch with each other.

We are excited to make 2022 a great year, and catch up on everything that was not possible the past period due to corona. If you would like to actively help us achieve this, there is also a possibility to join one of the committees.

So, if you have any questions or if you are interested, feel free to contact us at, via Instagram, or on our Discord server. On the website, you can also sign-up for intro dives, but we unfortunately do not have any planned yet due to the lockdown.

Hope to see you soon at the waterside!

GSIJV The Bulldogs

We at GSIJV The Bulldogs are all about having fun & playing Ice Hockey in Groningen!
We’re a diverse and social group consisting of both male & female students, of all ages & experiences, from all over the globe.

Do you think you can handle the fun? (or want to find out?)
Do you think you’re tough? (or want to get tough?)

Find out who’s letting the dogs out and sign up today!

Woof 🐶!

G.S.S.V. Donar 1881

Break the mold, try fencing at GSSV Donar 1881, the oldest active fencing club of the Netherlands.
Fencing is a sport with a rich history going back to the historic duel. Nowadays, fencing is a lot less violent, and has developed into an elegant sport with a long Olympic tradition. Modern fencing is a great work-out for both your body and mind.
Our club is very mixed in age, gender and fencing experience. Approximately half our members are international, and the other half is Dutch. We foster an open climate at our club for everyone to be themselves.
To join a training you don’t need anything other than normal sportswear. Alternatively you can do a beginners’ course at ACLO to learn the basics.

G.S.T.T.V. Idéfix

We are the Groninger student table tennis association. At our association it does not matter whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player. Next to training twice a week we regularly have social activities such as game nights. Are you interested in joining us? Feel free to have a look at our website!

Northside Barbell

Northside Barbell is the only student Strength Sports Association in Groningen and home to some of the strongest students in the Netherlands. We pride ourselves in the encouraging atmosphere in the gym and our range of lifters, from complete beginners to athletes who have represented their country. In October, we participated in the Dutch Student Powerlifting Championships and won the men’s strongest student city award, with several of our male and female lifters ranking first in their weight class.
As a student sport association, there is a necessary balance in competitive training and social activities. For example, we have our social activities committee that organises social drinks every month, parties for the association and occasionally other (sporting) events, such as bouldering and pub quizzes.
We offer weekly coaching hours for both powerlifting and weightlifting, run by experienced coaches. We also provide (power)lifting programs ranging from beginner to advanced. We are here for every student with the goal of becoming bigger, faster and stronger. Whether you have never trained before and are curious about lifting, athlete who wants to get stronger, or are a competitive powerlifter, we hope to see you in our gym soon!
If you wish to schedule a free try-out, please contact

SSV The Blue Toes

SSV The Blue Toes is the Salsa- and Ballroom dancing association in Groningen.
With over 200 members we enjoy dancing every day. Whether you have any talent or not, you like game nights or other social activities or if you want to dance competitions; everybody is welcome!

Ballroom and Salsa are very social dances, these dances have more or less the same figures and steps all around the world. This makes it possible to dance with people in many different countries. It is a great activity to meet lots of new people.

At the Blue Toes you can start with one of our beginners courses or if you already have some dance experience, you can start in one of our advanced courses. For more advanced dancers we even have two demo teams where you can learn spectacular choreographies and perform them in front of an audience. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a dance partner yet, we will do our best to find someone to dance with.

In addition to the classes, we have many other activities. We regularly have dance evenings where you can dance with all the other members of the Blue Toes. Other activities include the yearly team match, the weekend away, the incredible Christmas ball and many others.

U.G. Face Off

Looking for a fast and engaging team sport? Then floorball is the perfect sport for you! Floorball, otherwise known as unihockey, lies somewhere between indoor hockey and ice hockey. The main difference is that it does not allow for as much stick or body contact. Hence floorball is safe, low-cost, and easy to learn, making it the perfect sport for anyone.
At the moment we have two men’s and two women’s teams, and a number of mixed teams, playing in floorball competitions all throughout the Netherlands. Of course we also usually train together with all our members twice a week at the ACLO. So whether you have years of competitive floorball experience, or you have never touched a floorball stick before, everyone is very welcome.
Besides fanatic, Face Off is also a lot of fun! There is always a very social atmosphere. Since we are a smaller association, with Dutch as well as international members, we are accessible and you will get to know everyone very quickly! And with the monthly drinks, members weekend, and tons of (non-floorball related) activities organised by our members you’ll never have to be bored again.
So have you become curious? We are looking forward to see you at one of our practices to try out the sport yourself, experience our association, and maybe stick around afterwards!

V.V. Kroton

Do you want to make your time at university even better by playing volleyball? Then Kroton is something for you! Kroton has men’s and women’s teams at different levels, so whether you have never played volleyball before or are an experienced player, Kroton has a place for you.

Kroton is the oldest student volleyball association of Groningen. We have thirteen teams and around 170 members, of which many are internationals! As an international at Kroton, you will not feel left out. We have international trainers and committees, and all activities are organised in English. We currently even have an international board! At Kroton you will be welcomed with open arms.

Next to training and matches, there are parties, activities and committees so you can make the best of your time in Groningen. Throughout the year, there are monthly socials on Wednesdays at Café De Doos and many activities, such as the Kroton camp! After home game days, we always have a party where we can celebrate our victories together. Each year, Kroton also organises a big beach volleyball tournament in the summer! You can also become an active member by joining one of our committees or doing a board year!

Interested? Contact us at and join one of our teams!


Aloha! Are you interested in trying out a fun new sport involving water? Then windsurfing might be the sport for you! For just a small contribution, SurfAce offers an introductory membership to meet all your surfing needs. SurfAce has two gnarly vans, which are used to travel to spots in and outside the country. There is no need to worry about gear because both beginners and advanced surfers can borrow all the equipment needed from us for free! Though, if you do have your own equipment and are still looking for a place to store it, it’s possible to rent a spot in our stalling (storage). In the first weeks of your membership you are able to sign up for beginners lessons. During these weeks the BeginCie will teach you the humble beginnings of windsurfing. For our wannabe pros the Clico will organize exciting clinics throughout the year (beginners lessons and most clinics are without additional charge). Aside from surfing, Surface organizes all sorts of activities such as an intro-camp, parties, surf trips abroad (e.g. to Denmark, France, or Spain), and a skiing trip! Besides surfing related activities we also have a social at TOTT Groningen every Tuesday night!

SurfAce knows many committees: The IntroCie will guide you during your introductory period and will answer all your burning questions; the BeginCie will teach you everything you want to know about windsurfing; the AcCie will organize our fun activities, and the EscalaCie knows how to party. You can also join our WebCie, RedacCie, CliCo, MatCie, SkiCie, and of course the BusCie. Does this sound appealing? For only €40, you’ll have an awesome time surfing and drinking from April until September. After this period you can become a regular member for only €95. See you on the water!


At Deltaserat we offer a whole range of combat sports so whichever style you prefer you can be sure to find a martial art that is right for you! If you can’t decide, a membership at Deltaserat will give you access to all offered classes in Kickboxing, MMA and Grappling so you don’t even have to settle for one or the other. Our instructors bring many years of martial arts experience to the dojo and create a safe learning environment for beginners and advanced students alike.
When we are not fighting and working out together we like to host social events such as monthly drinks, watching professional matches together, exchanges with other sports associations and more.
For those who like to put their skills to the test it is possible to join the Fight Team and compete in (inter)national grappling tournaments or to go for MMA or kickboxing fights. Throughout the years Deltaserat has successfully led many fighters to victory through the professional guidance of our coaches.
If you are interested in training martial arts in a friendly and open atmosphere you can always visit us for a trial training!

Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators

Looking for a new sport? Look no more! Lacrosse is the perfect sport to try out. Every year there are plenty of new members who have never played before and learn the sport with you at our club. Our club welcomes everybody, so practice is given in English!

Lacrosse is played with sticks with a net on top, ten against ten, where you and your team try to score as many goals as possible. The sport is slightly different for men and women. The men play a lot more physically and therefore wear more gear. But no matter which team you play for, lacrosse requires agility, speed and teamwork.

Good teamwork does not come naturally, so both on and off the field we work hard on it. Besides training twice a week we also organize drinks, activities and an annual members weekend to Schiermonnikoog. Furthermore, you can always have a beer afterwards in our new (!!) clubhouse and join one of our nice committees.

Lacrosse Groningen Gladiators is a small, close club. We are happy with anyone who wants to join us and welcome you with open arms. We would really like to show you in real life why we think lacrosse is a great sport and why you should be part of the Gladiators!

So come visit us at our club or look for us during the information market at ESN meet ACLO we see you there!

G.S.V.B. Pugilice

As the one and only student boxing association in Groningen, we’re the right place for you to get stronger, fitter, more fierce and to learn boxing! Our trainings are not for the weak, but whatever your current boxing level and fitness is, you will feel at home with us. That is because, despite any misconception you might have about boxers, we’re actually quite nice people. Therefore we organise social events besides boxing as well, like BBQ’s, social drinks and boxing camp (to mention a few). So besides increasing your boxing skills, you will meet plenty of new people in no-time! In addition, all trainings (3 times a week) are given in English, as half of our members are internationals (again, a pretty solid argument of why you will feel at home with us right away). Already convinced? Please take a look at our site to find more information about becoming a member or contact us ( for a free try-out!


Do you want to continue riding or start riding during your student time in Groningen? Then Parafrid is for you!
G.S.P.V. Parafrid is the student horse riding association of Groningen and also the largest in the Netherlands. We offer our members weekly dressage lessons and biweekly jumping lessons. Our dressage lessons are open to both riders who have never ridden a horse before, to advanced riders and all levels in between. We ride our lessons at riding school De Bongerd, where there is a wide range of horses. In addition, our committees organize fun activities almost every week; trail rides, clinics, parties, dinners, nothing is too crazy! Members can also start at student competitions throughout the country at all levels, where we uphold the Groningen honor. Competitions are also held at our own stables.
G.S.P.V. Parafrid falls under the KNHS-VNS, the umbrella student equestrian sports association and the ACLO, the Groningen umbrella student sports association. In this way, students of the University of Groningen and Hanzehogeschool can join us. The prices of our lessons and activities are always for a student price. For example, the dressage and jumping lessons are only €8.50 per lesson.
Interested? Please check our social media and website or send an email to with all your questions or to sign up for a trial lesson!