The network committee (formerly career committee) organizes career-related events such as workshops, company excursions, pub lectures and much more. This year, the committee will focus on themes as global employability, networking skills and personal development, in addition to providing a platform for meeting other exchange students interested in their career!

The committee currently consists of Nikhil, Anton, Alan, Karan and Linda.

Nikhil is our activity coordinator this year. He is our big happy Indian member who is enjoying his student life in Groningen to the fullest. You will find him at almost every ESN activity and party until the end (because who needs sleep anyway?). He might be from India but due to his length and perfect pronunciation of ‘Schiermonnikoog’ we can say he is definitely a true Dutchie in our Committee.

Anton, who in theory is the secretary of our committee but in practice, he actually is the magician every committee would have wished they had. Every meeting his magic wand produces mind-blowing minutes and leaves the rest of us wondering how we can become as cool as him. 

Alan is the "Evaluator" of the committee. Alan is a beer aficionado, award winning alcohol evangelist, bacon junkie, alcoholic nerd and the perfect guy you would want your parents to meet.  His nickname is Gillette because he is the best a man can get.

Karan, also known as as mr. money, is the committee’s treasurer. Being from Britain (London), he is by far the cheeckiest person in the committee. His classic British humor and non-stop sharp commentary never ceases to amuse. His experience with Career Services and the Careers Company is a valuable addition to the committee.

Linda is our PR coordinator, she's 21 years old and is currently studying a masters at the University of Groningen in International Business. Apart from studying, Linda loves to party and meet new people! Not to mention, she loves to listen to her favourite rapper known to be the one and only Ronnie Flex.

The Network Committee '17/'18

From left to right: Karan, Nikhil, Linda, Alan and Anton.