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Pals Programme

Are you struggling to meet new people? Are you bored of sitting at home all day every day? Are you tired of staring at your screen for hours? Join the Pals Programme of ESN Groningen!

Everyone is welcome to join this programme, no matter if you are an international or a Dutch student or whether you are a first-year or a fifth-year student! This programme is focused on bringing people together during these challenging times. Only if you are physically in Groningen, you can sign up for the programme. You will be matched with another student based on your shared interests. Together, you can meet up to go for a walk, have dinner or watch a movie! After you have signed up for the programme, we will link you to someone as soon as possible (maximum of three weeks), with whom you will get in touch through WhatsApp or email. 


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Note: This programme is not the same as the regular ESN Buddy Programme which is meant for new incoming students at the beginning of each semester. You can find more information about the ESN Buddy Programme here

We already want to give you some inspiration for fun activities that you can do with your pal now that most public buildings are closed (these are not part of the challenges/activities):

  1. Get some fun games! Our tips: Qwixx, Ticket to Ride, Skip-Bo, Codenames, What Do You Meme?
  2. Swap books with your buddy. After you’ve read each other’s favorite books, you can discuss what you liked about them!
  3. Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or take a run. Groningen is beautiful! You can visit Hoge der A, Prinsentuin, Hortus Haren, and many more places!
  4. Have a present swap with your buddy.
  5. Get some hot chocolate and some cosy blankets and watch as many movies as you can in 1 day or watch each other’s favourite movies!
  6. Bake a cake or pie or something you have never made before!
  7. Make music together (or just listen to music together).
  8. Make winter cocktails, like Jägertea or a marshmallow coffee cocktail.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at