Welcome to the page one of the most fun committees in ESN! First we have Eirini. Don't let the name fool you, she's OG nederlands. She's our secretary but prefers to be known as our sexy nurse. Catch her in Kokomo at 6am, but only cocktails will do when you buy her a drink.
Jessi is our Public Relations Coordinator, i.e. the one responsible for promoting our events (compliments on the utterly creative Facebook events welcome anytime). If you want to make her happy, just get her food or appreciate her punny/other bad jokes.
Catalina is our president and known as the most beautiful chemistry student you will ever see. If you meet her at Kokomo or in a bar and ask if she's seeing anyone her answer will be "Mostly myself, in the mirror,".
Declan, our treasurer, is a man of few words and even fewer thoughts. Find him looking slightly dazed on the dance floor of Kokomo or at the cash register of donerX.
Rob's the name, memes are the game. He’s the pub quiz coordinator, so when you really enjoy yourself at a PQ you can thank him later or get him a LIIT (Long Island Iced Tea) at Kokomo. Make sure to check him out on snapchat for the dankest content (snaprob24).
If you hear someone singing Kokomo by the Beach Boys on your night out, that's probably us. 

We organize the amazing theme parties at Kokomo every three weeks on Wednesdays, allowing you “to get away from it all” (aka to dance your study stress and other sorrows away) while challenging you to show off your creativity by having your attire match our theme as well as possible. Is this where we put out there the amazing 2-for-8€ cocktail deal? 

These parties are free and open to everyone, so make sure to bring all your friends! 
We entertain you further on Thursdays every three weeks by testing your knowledge at the free pub quizzes at Het Heerenhuis, which will always include a special round and memes. If you and your friends make it to the top 3 in the end, you can win a delicious dinner, a beer tasting, or a pitcher of beer (as well as bragging rights, of course). 

When we're not busy planning our events, we enjoy making fun of our board member, Justin, laughing about jokes we shouldn't be laughing about, and eating together.

The Party & Pub Quiz Committee '17/'18

From left to right: Eirini, Jessica, Catalina, Declan, and Robert.