The sports committee organizes fun, active events such as beach volleyball, visiting FC Groningen throughout the year, self-defense classes, paintball, or water-skiing. Our aim is to offer sporty activities to international and Dutch students in Groningen.
Besides that, we are known for our committee song huntin’, fishin’ and lovin’ every day, so if you hear someone sing this around the city it is probably us.


The members of the sports committee are:
Mikha: Our activity coordinator really needs no introduction. This ESN-fanatic in heart and soul is due to his years of experience in several committees a true ESN-monument. A few things that make Mikha happy: dress up parties, cowboys, sports, girls, beers and... food, A LOT of food. Since we arrange a weekly dinner meeting we’re already almost out of budget but with his enthusiasm and positivity we always come up with the greatest sport events.


Amelie: Our PR person is not just great at taking pictures at our events, she is also the only truly sporty person in the committee. She might be the second oldest but she still managed to recently run an intense marathon in Amsterdam. When Amelie isn’t exercising she likes to drink some beers with her committee and hit the dancefloor at ESN parties.


Elena (Evaluations): Don’t let this small girl fool you, she knows how to fight. She is part of a boxing club so the committee never feels scared when they have to walk through a dark alley at night. She also has a big heart and really loves animals. For this reasons she doesn’t eat meat. Furthermore Elena always has a smile on her face and we are so sure that her smile is so contagious that she could make a blind man smile back.


Bas: Our lovely secretary is our one and only true Dutchie which obliges him to make our phone calls and get some great deals for our events by using all his charme. Though is not one of the Germans, he knows some of our Schlagers better than we do - might be because beyond the calm shell there’s a party animal hidden that’s released with some good Vodka.


Josh: He is the calm treasurer of the committee, until he starts playing sports or showing off his incredible dance skills, at the Twister and Kokomo parties. If you want to strike up a conversation with him, ask him about his favorite football team (BVB) or let him teach you the greatest country songs.


Mona: Our president is the true sheriff of the cowboy-team. She is simply made for this role since she is always motivated and full of energy. She keeps the team together and makes sure that we have enough ‘committee-time’. She seems disappointed about our lack of knowledge about musicals and her aim is to ‘educate’ us in this field. A sweet,energetic and charming sheriff- there is nothing else you could ask for!


The Sports Committee '17/'18


Left to right: Amelie, Mikha, Mona, Bas, Elena, Joschua