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How to get to Groningen

Getting to Groningen by train

The easiest way to get to Groningen is by train and conveniently the train station is situated right under Schiphol Airport. Our railway company is called NS, short for Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch railways). NS has it’s own website, which is also in English. Click here for the English website of the NS. The Netherlands has a great railway system, which means that most cities are easily accessible by train. You can plan your journey by using the ‘Journey planner’ on the NS-website. The price for a one-way ticket from Schiphol to Groningen is €26,87 if you have an OV card (read more about this below).
There are two trains per hour that go from Schiphol Airport to Groningen. You can either take the direct train that leaves at four minutes past every hour, or you can take the train where you need to switch trains at Zwolle station. This train leaves every hour at 34 past. The first train usually departs around 6.00, and the last train usually departs at 23.30. The journey takes just over 2 hours where you can enjoy the beautiful (and super flat) Dutch landscape!

If you have more questions about your trip, you can always ask an employee of the NS for help or
just another passenger, because almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English.

OV card (public transport card)

For all public transport you need a ‘OV Chipkaart’. You can use this card in the train, bus, tram, and metro. Because you can use it everywhere, it is very useful if you buy one immediately when you arrive. An OV Chipkaart costs €7.50. You have to top up the balance, because you need a minimum amount of money on it to be able to ‘check in’. For the train you need at least 10 euros on your card. You can buy an anonymous OV Chipkaart at train stations, super markets, and at counters of operators. Find more information about the OV Chipkaart here. (

Pick-up service Hanze University of Applied Sciences (UAS)

Students coming to study at Hanze UAS can be picked up from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, but also from Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Groningen airports. It is also possible to be picked up from the bus stop in Groningen. All students are then accompanied to their student accommodation.

Students can apply for this “pick-up service” by sending an e-mail (at least one week before departure) to with subject PICK-UP and stating:
Your name (if you travel with fellow prospective students, their names as well)

Date of arrival in the Netherlands

Student number and name of the programme you are going to follow at Hanze UAS

You can get the most up-to-date information about the pick-up service at Hanze UAS here.

ESN is not to be held responsible if anything goes wrong with or during your trip to Groningen. Train schedules can change. For the most recent travel information, it’s best to check the NS Website