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ESN Week February 2021

Welcome to the official page of the ESN Week of February 2021! During this week, you will do a lot of fun activities! Of course, you will not be doing this alone, as you will be assigned into a group of fellow students so you can meet new people and make new friends that will last a lifetime! Therefore, this week is the perfect start of the new semester.

The ESN Week will begin on Friday the 29th of January and end on Wednesday the 3rd of February. Since some lectures already start on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in this week, the activities on these days will only be organised in the evening. This enables you to follow all your lectures without missing any activity! During the week, you will have the chance to test your knowledge during a Pubquiz, show your most sporty side during the Sports Day, get into contact with other cultures during the Culture Festival, laugh so hard you will get abs during our Comedy Night, enjoy some music during the Music Bingo, and much, much more. Scroll down for the entire schedule per day!

There are two ways to join this ESN Week. Either fully online or via a hybrid version (physically). In the online version, you will be assigned to an online group and you will join all the activities online. You will not have any physical activities. This means you can also join this version of the week when you are not in Groningen! A ticket for the online ESN Week costs 10 euros. This includes an ESNcard that normally costs you 7,50 euros. With the ESNcard you can join all of our activities and it provides you with a lot of discounts at our partners! However, if you already have an ESNcard, you can fill in your card code and you will have a discount of 5 euros on the ticket price (buy the online ticket existing member).

In the hybrid version, you will be assigned to a physical group with other students that are comfortable with meeting in person. You will also join the physical events in real life, like the Sports Day, Culture Festival, Comedy Night and the Movie Night. Next to this, you can meet up with your group to join the online events that are livestreamed, like the Pubquiz, online Music Bingo and Masterclass. Furthermore, for the Online Beer tasting, you will be able to pick up deliciously brewed beers at the Martinus brewery on Tuesday and Wednesday, so you can properly join the Beer Tasting! When joining this hybrid version of the ESN Week, you will meet a lot of new people in person! A ticket for the hybrid ESN Week costs 20 euros. This includes an ESNcard that normally costs you 7,50 euros. With the ESNcard you can join all of our activities and it provides you with a lot of discounts at our partners! However, if you already have an ESNcard, you can fill in your card code and you will have a discount of 5 euros on the ticket price, meaning your ticket will only cost you 15 euros (buy the physical ticket existing member).

In both the physical and the online version, you will be put in a group and your group will be matched with another group. This allows you to meet even more people during the events!

In the sign up form you can indicate whether you want to be a Group Leader or not. A Group Leader only has 2 responsibilities. The first is to create a WhatsApp groupchat for your ESN group to initiate the first contact. The second responsibility is that you will be in contact with the Executive Board of ESN Groningen in case of an emergency. Easy as that! If you want to be a Group Leader, you can also indicate if you want to be matched to another Group Leader that you might know, so you can get to know their group as well!

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Important notes
Please note that you will ONLY be able to join the physical version if:

    • You are in Groningen during the ESN week;
    • You do NOT have to be in quarantine during the ESN week;
    • You are comfortable meeting people physically (of course with the measurements taken into account).In case any of these points does not apply to you, please buy an online ticket!

Read more information about the COVID-19 situation in The Netherlands here.

Also note that you are responsible for yourself, your own health, and following all the COVID-19 restrictions when you sign up for the hybrid ESN Week. Furthermore, in case that the measurements do not allow us to continue the physical events of the ESN week, you will not be eligible for a refund. However, you can then still join all the events online!

Rali, 21 years old from Bulgaria:

In my first year I joined the Introduction Week of ESN and made so many new friends that I’m still in touch with! It’s a great way to meet a lot of interesting people and to kick-start your time in Groningen! I would advise everyone to join this Introduction Week and make some great memories!


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Login to your ESN Week account via the following button. Through this platform you can participate in all the events of the ESN Week.


Friday, 29th of January

We will start the ESN week with the traditional Kickoff! The President of the Executive Board, David Kraandijk, will give a speech to start off the week. This speech will be livestreamed online, after which you can either meet your ESN Group online or in real life while enjoying a great New York Pizza deal.

Online Pubquiz After you got to know your ESN Group a little bit better, you can put your knowledge to the test by participating in an online pubquiz! This event will be livestreamed.

Saturday, 30th of January

On Saturday and Sunday, all groups will be assigned to one of the different events. Either the Culture Festival or the Sportsday. In the evening, there will be an online Music Bingo!

Culture Festival: ESN Meets Usva, you will be following two workshops. These workshops will cover various topics such as yoga, drawing, dancing and more!

Sportsday: ESN Meets Aclo, you will be participating in 3 sports events. You will be given a small introduction to the sport and you will then go head to head with another group to (hopefully) claim victory!

Online Music Bing: In the evening you can kick back and relax with a fun music bingo! Listen closely and win one of the fun prizes when you have a correct bingo!

Sunday, 31st of January

On Sunday, you can participate in the Sports Competition and Comedy Night!

Sportsday: ESN Meets Aclo. The Sportsday will be a tournament when you can compete with your fellow ESN Groups for prizes. Complete challenges and follow your progress via an online live leaderboard that keeps track of your scores in real-time. Go head to head with another group to (hopefully) claim victory!

Comedy Night: You will be able to enjoy a fun performance by improv comedy group Stranger Things Have Happened!

Monday, 1st of February

Online Masterclass: Recover from this packed weekend by following a masterclass given by Margrethe Jonkman, the Corporate Director at FrieslandCampina.

Tuesday, 2nd of February

Movie Night: you will enjoy a great unreleased movie at Pathé!

For online participants, a Netflix Party link will be made available during this evening!

Wednesday, 3rd of February

Online Beer Tasting: During the week you can pick up different kinds of beers at Brewery Martinus. During this evening, you will learn more about the brewing process, the different kinds of beer, and we will explain different kinds of Dutch drinking games to you!

For online participants, we will organise a fun Game Night to end the ESN Week with a bang!