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The General Board

The organisation ESN Groningen consists of different organs. Alongside the Executive Board, there is the General Board who supervises the Executive Board. The main task of the General Board is to form and supervise the implementation of the long-term vision of ESN through the long-term strategic plan. Other tasks include the checking and approving of the policy, the budget, the annual and half year reports as proposed by the Executive Board. Eight times a year the General Board and the Executive Board meet to discuss and evaluate the implementation of the policy and the progress of the organisation. The General Board consists of an employee of the University of Groningen, an employee of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and 10 student members from different academic backgrounds.  Every General Board member has a specific role within the General Board.

Members of the General Board 2019 – 2020:

  1. Bartje Alewijnse (President)
  2. Eelco Sibma (Vice President)
  3. Tom Ravenhorst (Secretary)
  4. Joost Jellesma (Growth)
  5. Jochem Eggerding (Growth & Inclusion)
  6. Jolien Bruinewoud (Experience, events & programs)
  7. Mona (Growth , Experience, events & programs)
  8. Nienke Berenschot (Network)
  9. Eline Janssen (Inclusion)
  10. Justin Brandsma (Network)
  11. Stijn Bergman (Network, Innovation & Professionalisation)