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Housing in Groningen

Living in Groningen starts with a place to stay! Some find rooms in the blink of an eye, while some have more issues when it comes to finding a new home. Finding a room in Groningen can be very difficult, so make sure to start your search as soon as possible. On this page, you can find all information you need about finding a room, contract issues and general concerns regarding your room!

Ensure that you have found a room before August 1st if you will be studying in Groningen. If you decide to come to Groningen without pre-arranged housing, then you are highly likely to find yourself in hotels or hostels, if there is still space. This will involve high costs, inconvenience, and stress. This will likely last for a long period of time, probably months after your arrival. If you find a house outside of the city, then make sure you consider the potential extra travel time and travel costs. If you have not found accommodation before August 1, we strongly advise you not to come to Groningen.

Pay Attention!
Watch out for swindlers! They will try to persuade you to pay in advance for a room that is not theirs to rent out or doesn’t even exist. Always take the following precautions:

  • NEVER pay rent and/or the deposit in advance when you haven’t seen the room yet!
  • DO NOT pay Dutch postal companies like TNT and Post NL who supposedly will send you the key of the room after you’ve paid them. They do not provide this service!
  • NEVER use Money Gram or Western Union to pay your ‘landlord’!
  • NEVER send copies of your ID!
  • DO NOT trust the copy of the ID that was sent to you; it probably belongs to a previous victim.
  • Google the name and email address of the person you’re in contact with.
  • Be on your guard when the ‘landlord’ doesn’t live in the Netherlands.
  • Nevertheless a victim to swindle/fraud? Report it to the police!


Fire, long-term power cuts or a hack: are probably not the things you enjoy thinking about. But even in your student house, such emergencies can occur. Do you know what to do when that happens? These tips will help you to prevent it and to be prepared! Check

The housing situation in Groningen – look for accommodation as soon as possible!

In the Netherlands, the organization of student accommodation differs from that in many other countries. Students are expected to find their own accommodation on the private market, as universities do not provide housing for incoming (exchange) students.

In Groningen, the best student city in the Netherlands, finding accommodation can be quite challenging. Therefore, we would urge you to take responsibility for finding accommodation independently to ensure you find the most suitable option for yourself on time.

At Home in Groningen

At Home in Groningen is a website of the municipality in Groningen, on which new available rooms offered by trusted landlords will be posted regularly. The website provides you with all information you need about finding accommodation in Groningen, your legal rights, neighbourhoods, and financial matters.

Hospi Housing 

Hospi Housing is an organization that matches students to a host or guest family. You will have your own private room and shared facilities like a kitchen and bathroom. Hospi Housing has a big network of verified hosts and guest families. You can apply and use their platform for free. Hospi Housing collaborates with the Municipality of Groningen.

On, you can find an overview of the accommodation that Lefier offers. Lefier is a non-profit housing corporation, which has a large and varied offer for students in the city of Groningen.

SSH Student Housing

Through SSH, an organisation that is funded by the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, you can apply for a room. SSH offers furnished accommodation in Groningen for new international students up to the first 12 months of their stay in Groningen. SSH acts as an intermediary in finding temporary accommodation for international students.

The Student Hotel
The Student Hotel offers fully furnished rooms with a lot of included services.

Kamernet is a website that is used by Dutch students as well as landlords to give an overview of all available rooms. Most of the rooms on this website are not furnished.  To be able to access the rooms that are available you will have to create an account that will allow you to view and reply to the rooms. You can check out their Facebook page here. is the biggest independent rental website in the Netherlands, where landlords can advertise their property.  You can check out their Facebook.


RentSlam is a website on which you can find checked, reliable links to offered rental properties.


Ghuus is a website that gives an overview of available accommodation of multiple housing corporations in Groningen.

There are multiple pages on Facebook where students post their room, either temporarily or for a longer period. Some rooms are left furnished, whereas others are empty.
Student Housing Groningen and Groningen Housing are two examples of useful Facebook groups.

Housing Anywhere
Housing Anywhere is a website for exchange students who would like to rent a room in a Dutch student house from a Dutch student that sublets its room. Only students can post advertisements on this website (so no landlords) and all advertisers are verified.

Groningen Student’s Union (GSb)

GSb is the Groningen Student’s Union (Groninger Studenten Bond in Dutch). The Union fights for the interests of students who study at Hanze University of Applied Sciences or the University of Groningen. Their vision is that all students should have access to the best education and housing. You can ask your questions to the legal helpdesk (050-3634675) or by sending an email to Their advice/help is for free, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you encounter any problems. For rent-specific questions, you can send an email to

The Legal Liability Information Point (WA) (In Dutch)

The Legal Liability Information Point is an independent information platform about legal assistance and liability in the Netherlands. The website provides information on various topics, including rental law. This includes the obligations of the tenant and landlord, issues related to rent, maintenance, and disruption of living enjoyment, and also answers frequently asked questions about tenancy law. Their advice/help is for free and explained in simple terms to make sure you know what your rights are.


Frently is an organisation that helps students with paying a fair rental price. In the Netherlands, a landlord is only allowed to charge a certain rental price for an accommodation. This maximum price is calculated with a legal point system. Unfortunately, landlords take advantage of unknowing students, resulting in 75% of the students paying too much rent. Frently provides legal advice and will come by your house to check if you pay a fair price (free of charge). They will reduce your rent, without your landlord being able to kick you out. Frently is located at Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 69.


Remember that if you are looking for a room via Kamernet or Facebook (so not via a real estate manager or an educational institution), it is important to write a nice (informal) message about yourself, with what you like to do, what you study, what you are looking for in your roommates and other relevant information. Students in Groningen often choose themselves who they want to live with. Therefore, they appreciate it when you write something about yourself, so they know a bit more about you. Going by a student house to get to know the residents is called “hospiteren” in Dutch. If you send a message to a landlord, you can be more formal.

We wish you good luck finding a room & hope you have a great stay here!