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Housing in Groningen

Living in Groningen starts with a place to stay! Some find rooms in the blink of an eye, while some have more issues when it comes to finding a new home. Finding a room in Groningen can be very difficult, so make sure to start your search as soon as possible. On this page, you can find all information you need about finding a room, contract issues and general concerns regarding your room!

Ensure that you have found a room before the 1st of August if you will be studying in Groningen. If you decide to come to Groningen without pre-arranged housing, then you are highly likely to find yourself in hotels or hostels, if there is still space. This will involve high costs, inconvenience, and stress. This will likely last for a long period of time, probably months after your arrival. If you find a house outside of the city, then make sure you consider the potential extra travel time and travel costs. If you have not found accommodation before August 1, we strongly advise you not to come to Groningen. Below you will find a video which shortly describes the process of finding housing in Groningen.

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Red Flags – Pay Attention!

Problems Regarding Housing

Where & How to Find Housing in Groningen – Websites and Platforms