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Inclusivity Buttons

At ESN Groningen, we believe that everyone should be able to fully participate in our events. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Inclusivity Buttons, designed to make our events more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

These buttons work on a simple traffic light system, providing valuable information about various aspects of our events, from accessibility and terrain to noise level and crowd size. Below you will find a list explaining what the colours mean at our events:


🟢 The event is easily accessible and has lifts/ramps/escalators

🟡 A person with mobility challenges may need to access through another entrance or may need help. 

🔴 Very challenging. Stairs, heavy doors, etc. There is no alternative route. 


Accessible toilets:

🟢 The event has accessible toilets.

🟡 There are accessible toilets nearby.

🔴 There are no accessible toilets nearby. 



🟢 The event is indoors.

🟡 The event indoors and outdoors or on fairly flat terrain. 

🔴 Outdoor activity with hills, loose stones or narrow paths. 



🟢 A quiet event with the possibility of people having quiet conversations. 

🟡 A moderately loud event, quiet music, people have conversations. 

🔴 A loud event, loud music, loud conversations.  



🟢 Up to 20 people. 

🟡 20-40 people

🔴 40+ people

These buttons will be visible below every event page, allowing you to quickly assess whether an event is right for you. If you need additional information or assistance in determining the suitability of an event, please feel free to email We’re here to help ensure that everyone can fully participate in our vibrant community events.