Get involved


Be the Spark: Join an ESN Committee!

Imagine this: you’re surrounded by a team of energetic students, a mix of Dutch locals and international classmates, all working together to create amazing experiences for international students in your city. That’s what being part of an ESN committee is all about!

Here’s a taste of what it’s like:

  • Become a bridge between cultures: You’ll help international students feel welcome and at home in your city by organizing fun events, trips, and social activities. Think city exploration tours, pubquizes, game nights, and more!
  • Develop valuable skills: From event planning and budgeting to communication and teamwork, you’ll gain practical experience that looks great on your resume and helps you grow personally.
  • Make new friendships: Working alongside passionate students from all over the world creates a unique bond. You will be part of an amazing Active Members Community which has plenty of activities just for them, including 2 weekend trips away together
  • Be part of something bigger: ESN is a global network, and being a committee member connects you to a community that supports international education and cultural exchange. You’ll be making a real difference!

All it takes is a little bit of your free time and a lot of enthusiasm! Ready to be the spark that makes a new city feel like home for international students? Join an ESN committee today! ✨

What committees does ESN Groningen have?