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How do I pick up my ESNcard and ticket to the Introduction Week?

In case you have signed up as a participant for the ESN Introduction Week, you will automatically receive an ESNcard and a ticket which grants you access to all events. Information about pick-up can be found on this webpage,!

Where do I get my furniture?

There are a variety of options to acquire your furniture, the best fit depends on what you are searching for, your budget, and the service you are expecting. The first option is probably the most well-known one, IKEA offers the largest selection of furniture. You can buy your furniture here for not too high of a price. The second option would be to make use of the Swapcouch service, here you are able to rent your furniture, they will then deliver it to your doorstep, assemble it and ensure that everything is  according to your wish. Once you do not longer need the furniture they come and disassemble it and take it out of your room. So they do all the work for you. The third option is to buy your furniture at a second hand shop such as Mamamini, here you can buy furniture for a fraction of the price if you would buy it firsthand. Furthermore is better for the environment to reuse old furniture. There are plenty of options, and it really depends on what you are searching for.

How do I stay involved /active within ESN?

With an ESN card you can buy tickets for all our events, you also receive the weekly newsletter. You can become active in one of our committees. We usually look for new committee members in May, and January. You can also become a board member if you want to commit yourself to ESN for one year full time. We look for a new board around March. If you don’t want to involve yourself that much into ESN, you can also help out during the Introduction Weeks as an Introduction Guide or Volunteer, become a buddy, or volunteer in SocialErasmus activities.

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I can’t come to the office, can my friend buy a ticket for me?

Yes, this is possible. We allow people to buy two tickets at the same time in our office. Of course you both need an ESN card. So if you don’t have one yet, you have to come to the office yourself. But the easiest way to buy a ticket is via our website.

What is the buddy system?

As a new international student you can sign up for a buddy. As a local student you can sign up to become a buddy. Via this program you get matched, so as an international student, you have someone to contact about for example life in Groningen, about the University, shops, or transportation. As a local student you will help the new international students a lot with your knowledge about Groningen.


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What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept many payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, SEPA, and iDeal.
Almost every foreign credit card is accepted, so also cards of non-Dutch banks. It might be that service costs turn out higher with a foreign bank account.

How do I get a bike in Groningen?

A bike is definitely something you need in Groningen to get from A to B. We have an ESN card deal with Swapfiets, offering you a unique discount.


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How do I find a room in Groningen?

It can be quite difficult to find a room in Groningen. We are not a housing agency, but we try to provide you with enough information about housing.


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Is ESN only for exchange students?

No, you can always buy an ESN card and become active. No matter if you are a full bachelor, UG or Hanze, master, exchange, or PhD student or doing an internship, you can always join ESN Groningen.

Is ESN only for international students?

No, we are for all students, also Dutch students, both UG and Hanze students. Everyone can by an ESN card and get involved in ESN Groningen. Many of our committee members are Dutch students. So if you like to be involved in an international environment? Then ESN might be something for you.

How do I buy a ticket for your activities?

First of all you need an ESN card. If you have this, then you can buy tickets online via our website or in our office during office hours. If you want to buy a ticket online you need to fill in your ESN card code. This is the code above the bar code.
We accept many different online payment methods and in our office you can pay cash or by card. Some events we sell only in our office, but this will be mentioned in the Facebook event.


What is an ESN card?

The ESN card is €7.50, is valid for one year, and you can buy it in our office. With this ESN card you can buy tickets for all our events online and in our office. When you want to buy a ticket online you need to fill in your ESN card code. This is the code above the bar code. This card gives you also many discounts in the city with for example restaurants and shops. It also gives you discounts on the national and international level.


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How do I become a member?

You become a member by buying an ESN card for €7.50. This card is valid for one year.

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What are your visiting hours?

Our office is at Pelsterstraat 23 and open from Monday to Friday between 13.00 and 16.00. On Thursdays we are open between 13.00 and 19.00. You can pay at our office only by card.

What is ESN Groningen?

ESN Groningen is the biggest international student organization for all students. ESN Groningen organizes two big Introduction Weeks at the beginning of each semester and throughout the year more than 150 activities. Activities we organize are for example excursions, international dinners, career events, sport activities, pub quizzes, and cultural activities.
The organization of ESN Groningen consists out of six full time board members, and nine committees. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our events and on how to get involved.