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Femke Haringsma

Femke Haringsma – Treasurer ESN Groningen Board 2019/2020

Hello! My name is Femke Haringsma, 22 years old, and I am the Treasurer of the Board of ESN Groningen 2019/2020. I have completed my Bachelor’s Economics and Business Economics at the University of Groningen. I went on exchange to New Zealand and before that, I lived in Canada for a year. Besides traveling, my hobbies include playing sports, hanging out with my friends and counting money. I am very excited for the upcoming Introduction Weeks, because I am looking forward to meeting so many new people from all different countries.

Function description

As Treasurer, I am the sole responsible person for all financial management in ESN Groningen. This comes with a lot of responsibility, however, this also means you are involved in everything that is happening since nothing comes for free. My tasks include budgeting, accounting, sending out and paying invoices and ticket sales. One can imagine that organising an Introduction Week for 2000 people carries huge financial risks, so careful budgeting and planning is needed. ESN Groningen is an organisation which is growing fast, which offer lots of challenges and opportunities, which requires short and long-term decision making. This means you also have to say no to people sometimes!

The position of Treasurer has more to offer than financial management. I have the most awesome committees to supervise, namely the Excursion and the Active Member committees! Furthermore, I am the contact person of certain external partners, which teaches you to communicate and bargain on a professional level. As Treasurer I am also involved in an event called Experience Groningen, which is organised in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen. However, next to all above-mentioned tasks, you do a lot together with the entire board.

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