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International student and want to play sports without limitations? Join the ACLO!

What is the ACLO?

As an international student in Groningen, you are blessed with the best student sports organization of the Netherlands: the ACLO! If you are a student of the University of Groningen or Hanze University you can play sports for just €49,95 per semester. It is also possible to purchase an ACLO Card for €59,95 which is valid for the academic year in which you will buy the card. The ACLO Sports Center is the place where yearly 19.000 students make use of different sports facilities in a student-like setting. From zumba to skiing, and from sky-gliding to beach volleyball, you’ll find it here! The ACLO offers more than 100 different kind of sports. You can find the complete offer here.

How can I get an ACLO-card?

If you are an exchange student and you’re living in Groningen for the semester you can buy an ACLO Card for a reduced fee. If you are here for one semester the price of an ACLO Card is €49,95. For €10 extra, you can exercise at the ACLO all year long!

What can I do with my ACLO-card?

The ACLO offers sports in different ways:

  • Group lessons and open hours: Classes where you make reservations for and participate in without any obligations.
  • Courses: You have to enrol in advance on our website to follow a course for 5 or 10 weeks.
  • Free bookings: To play tennis, squash, futsal or something else with friends. You can make a booking via the ACLO Sports App!
  • Sports associations: There are 51 sports associations affiliated with the ACLO. Click here for more information.

Visit the ACLO website for more information.



We hope to see you soon at the ACLO Sports Center!

Blauwborgje 16 (Zernike complex)    9747 AC Groningen

Stationsplein 7 (ACLO Station)          9726 AE Groningen

Information (Executive Board): +31 (0)50 363 46 41