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What is ESN?

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the biggest interdisciplinary student associations in Europe, founded in 1989 for supporting and developing student exchange. We are present in over 500 Higher Education Institutions in over 40 countries. The network is constantly developing and expanding. ESN is working in Higher Education and it is offering services to 150.000 students. ESN operates on three levels, Local, National and International.

ESN works for the creation of a more mobile and flexible education environment by supporting and developing the student exchange from different levels and providing an intercultural experience also to those students who cannot access a period abroad (“internationalization at home”)

ESN Groningen is a foundation, which means that we are a non-profit organization. ESN Groningen does not have members, which means that everybody can join our activities. Just sign up at our office!

Aims of the organisation

ESN aims at working in the interest of students who are spending a part of their professional education at a higher education institution in a country other than the one in which their home institution is situated. The organisation works to improve the conditions for present and future exchange students and to promote the exchange experience and concerns itself directly or indirectly with every aspect of this subject as broadly as possible. It does so without being associated with any political or confessional group.

Through its work for the mobile students, ESN also aims at working for the non-mobile students by improving their chances to experience international student exchange at their home institution. Thus ESN offers services for all students and welcomes all students to participate in its work regardless if they are mobile or not. This shall be done by means of:

  • Support of the social and practical integration of visiting students at their host institution;
  • Provision of practical and relevant information about academic exchange programmes and ESN resources;
  • Active use of the experiences of homecoming students by making them active in the network;
  • Contribution to the evaluation of different exchange programmes based on the experiences obtained by former exchange students;
  • Representation of the needs and expectations of exchange students on the local, national and international level.

Who are we for?

The main focus of ESN Groningen is placed on all international students in Groningen and Dutch students who like to be involved in an international environment. ESN stimulates the inclusion between international and Dutch students. ESN offers help and support in academic, social and practical integration processes. The latter is mainly done through the organization of a wide range of activities, including cultural events (international dinners, movie nights, excursions to various places in and outside the Netherlands), social events (socials, theme parties, pub quizzes), educative programs (language exchange, career events) and charitable events. Check this website to read more about all activities ESN organizes and to see what’s coming up.

In addition to that, ESN provides internationals with a buddy system which links international students to a buddy. These buddies can help international students when they arrive in Groningen and provide support for academic and practical integration.

Lastly, ESN also provides a platform for future exchange students to gain relevant insight into different cultures and encourages them to gain international experience abroad.

Click here for more information about ESN International.