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Confidential Advisors

ESN Groningen is a student organisation that cares a lot about the mental well-being of international students in the city of Groningen. We are aware that especially for international students, moving to Groningen can come with some struggles sometimes. For this, ESN has two confidential advisors, if you ever feel the need to talk to someone about personal or confidential matters, you can always reach out to one of the confidential advisors of the Executive Board of ESN Groningen:

  • Annika Trappe (Secretary, +31 6 44385971,
  • Jos Doldersum (Treasurer, +31 6 83005577,

This can be about something that happened during our events, situations that make you uncomfortable, or if you want to talk about something that is happening in your personal life. If you want to talk with someone outside of our organisation, we also offer you several options, you can find more on this in the ‘external organisations’ section below. Please note that everything you discuss with our confidential advisors is strictly confidential and treated in a respectful manner. Additionally, note that our confidential advisors are volunteers and are not trained professionals.

Incident report 

Did something happen to you during our activities that does not fit our code of conduct? At each event, we have a point of contact available that you can contact in case of witnessing this. Violations of the code of conduct include, but are not limited to: any kind of bullying, degradation, harassment, or verbal, as well as non-verbal discriminatory behaviour. If you feel uncomfortable reporting the incident directly to our point of contact, or did this type of behaviour happen in an online environment? You can also fill in an incident report form which will be received by the confidential advisors of the Executive Board. The submission of this is confidential and if preferred so, can be done anonymously.

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